JUNE 2017


Greetings to all of you!

Job had stepped into dangerous territory, a place we can all fall into if we aren’t mindful. Yes, Job was a godly man; he truly did strive to follow God and honor him with his life. He was not, however, perfect.

I will maintain my innocence and never let go of it;

my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live. Job 27:6

I don’t care who you are; how can anyone maintain their innocence? Who never has a selfish thought? Who never judges another person? Who never fails to follow the will of God?

There is a danger as we move further down Trust Trail and begin living God’s way. We can think we are now innocent, sinless. This is spiritual pride. Simultaneously, Job stepped into this territory and abandoned humility. Pride and humility are mutually exclusive; the moment we move away from a posture
of humility, we are in a place of pride.

It is human nature to gravitate toward self-protection by denying or minimizing the guilt of our sin. Defeating this self-destructive behavior is difficult. We’re afraid of being exposed. If pride wins, though, the consequences lead to ‘bearing our sin’ rather than letting God ‘relieve us of our sin.’ Our sin will take us captive.

Let our daily prayer be: O Lord, have mercy on me. Let my conscience reproach me whenever it is necessary. Be humble in all things, in your attitude toward yourself, toward others, and toward God. (Resting Words, Day 175)

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Keep up the prayers, please! Please pray for…

  • Colorado (June 1-4) and New Orleans (June 23-26) Boot Camps and The Healing Weekend.
  • Financial provision for the needs of this ministry.

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