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Online Security Tips

Mobile Device Security

  1. Configure your device to require a passcode to gain access if this feature is supported in your device.
  2. Avoid storing sensitive information.  Mobile devices have a high likelihood of being lost or stolen so you should avoid using them to store sensitive information (e.g. passwords, account numbers, etc.).  If sensitive data is stored, enable encryption to secure it.
  3. Keep your mobile device’s software up-to-date.  These devices are small computers running software that needs to be updated just as you would update your PC.  Use the automatic update option if one is available.
  4. Review the privacy policy and data access of any applications (apps) before installing them. Only download apps from trusted app stores (Apple, Google Play).
  5. Disable features not actively in use such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and infrared.  Set Bluetooth-enabled devices to non-discoverable when Bluetooth is enabled.
  6. Delete all information stored on a device before the device changes ownership.  Use a “hard factory reset” to permanently erase all content and settings stored on the device.
  7. “Sign out” or “log off” when finished with an app rather than just closing it.
  8. Utilize antivirus software where applicable (i.e. Android, Windows, etc.).
  9. Do not jail break or otherwise circumvent security controls.

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Featured Services

Email Verification (Email Intel)

The Power of Email Intelligence!


Validation of historical information tied to an email address and/or domain, including age and reputational score.


To request  a complete Email Verification (Email Intel) Brochure, please contact our AcuityTec support team.


Professor Lock Reminder

User Authentication


Based on custom scoring modeling, user authentication features can be enabled to complement the verification process.


  • SMS/Voice Verification

The user receives a 4-digit PIN via voice call or SMS, then required to enter this one-time code to validate the registered phone number.


  • Device Identification

Identify high risk in and outside your network and set trust levels on customers based on Device evidence.


  • Knowledge-Based Authentication

This method of authentication requires the knowledge of private information of the individual to prove that the person providing the details is the owner of the identity.

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