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Online Security Tips

10 Personal Cyber Security Tips

1.  Have Complicated, Unique, Difficult-To-Crack Passwords

2.  Never Reuse a Password

3.  Update Your Passwords Regularly

4.  Prevent “Dictionary Attacks”

5.  Tighten Your Security and Privacy Settings

6.  Enable Two-Factor-Authentication

7.  Don’t Store Passwords in Your Browser

8.  Have a Security Program Installed

9.  Always Install Updates

10. Don’t Simply Click on Any Link


The bottom line is that you have a responsibility for your own online security. Many security breaches happen because of carelessness. At aminimum:

  1. Never write down passwords or share them with others.
  2. Never use passwords that are“easy to remember” (as that makes them easy to crack)
  3. Never leave any level of “entry” unprotected: Have (unique) passwords on your firewall, your WIFI network,your computer, your phone, your tablet etc.

Featured Services

Worldwide Coverage

Internationalization is becoming a necessity for more and more businesses. As you increasingly and inevitable start encountering data for clients outside of the US—know that we have you covered!


AcuityTec provides you with Address and ID verification results for almost every corner of the world.


Worldwide results are fully compatible with our Rules Engine and Risk Scoring Module.


Take advantage. Go Global!

Telephone Authentication

Arm yourself with phone authentication technology!


Automatically verify customers via mobile and land lines to ensure and safeguard end-user legitimacy.

While this service runs healthy at the deposit level, it canbe applied anywhere— At Registration,

Password Reset, even offering your customers a second level of account security. Serve and Protect!

For more information, please contact us at:

Professor Lock Reminder

Reporting Views


The AcuityTec Dashboard displays real-time widgets and gives access to the quick reporting views.


The available views to the reporting functionalities are:


  • Sales View, which gives insight into the Approval Rates and Unsuccessful Transactions activity.
  • Risk View, used to monitor staff productivity, Action Center activity and Risk Recommendations.
  • Negative TransactionsView,  that displays the Chargebacks, Returns and Refunds activity.
  • Top 20 Reports View, that provides quick insight into important traffic summary statistics.
  • Financial View, that includes Settlement Fee and Anti-Fraud Rates.


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