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Online Security Tips


 Security Tips to keep in 2017

1. Be conscious about what you share

Make it a habit to think twice about what you post, and take time periodically to review your social-media accounts for posts and information that might be particularly sensitive or desirable to criminals.


2.  Take passwords more seriously

Those best practices include using—but not reusing—strong, complex passwords for each online account.


3. Perform monthly housekeeping on accounts

Set aside time each month to take stock of your online accounts. This process could include closely reviewing your credit card statements—particularly following the holiday season—for suspicious transactions; closing down online accounts you no longer use; and changing a handful of passwords to make them stronger.

Professor Lock Reminder


Save Filters Feature


Our reporting pages offer a wide variety of basic and advanced search filters, allowing the display of transactions based on selected criteria.


You also have the option to save preferred filters for future reuse. You simply have to expand the 'AdvancedFilters' on the reporting page that you are reviewing, select the criteria you want to use to perform the search and click on 'Save Filters'. There you can add a custom name to the filter you are creating and then just need to click 'Save'.


The next time that you use your preferred filter, go to the reporting page where you saved it, 'Select Filter' drop down and choose the saved filter you need.


You can save as many filters as you like and reuse them at any time!

Featured Services

SSN Verification

Empower your business with SSN verification!

Using premium data source providers, AcuityTec seamlessly integrates automatic SSN verification results which can be used to create customized rules for instant scoring for the aid of detecting fraudulent patterns. 

The system will automatically trigger alerts on identified SSN discrepancies.

To request a brochure for this Verification Service, click  HERE


Efficiently verify bank accounts to prevent attempted debits from returning due to insufficient funds or closed accounts.

Protecting your business against expensive and critical ACH returns!!

 For more information, please contact us at:

Bank Account Verification

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