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Global Identity Verification

Internationalization is becoming a necessity for more and more businesses. As you increasingly and inevitably start encountering data for clients outside of the US—know that we have you covered! 

 Acuity Tec  now provides you with data verification results for almost every corner of the world. Worldwide results are fully compatible with our rules and scoring engines!

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Global Identity Verification
Phone Verification

Phone Verify (SMS/Call 4-digit pin)

Connect each end-user with their valid mobile number and use it as a trust anchor for authentication!

 How it works:

 The user receives a 4-digit PIN via voice call or SMS, then required to enter this one-time code to validate the registered phone number.

 AcuityTec’s telephone verification is easily integrated via API into any application.

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Online Security Tips


6 Basic tips for better online security:
  1.   Update your system
  2.   Get a decent password
  3.   Be a littlesuspicious
  4.   Keep a backup
  5.   Make sure you runbasic security control 
  6.   Make sure you look up best practice for devices other than just your PC

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Consulting Services


We offer in-house and online Consulting and tailor our services to your specific business needs.


Get acquainted with our featured Consulting Services:


  • Dedicated AcuityTec Security Staff
  • Daily traffic evaluation and back-office calibration
  • Risk rules optimization and trust levels set-up
  • Daily summary of actions taken and recommendations for cases reviewed


  • Security Consulting Services
  • Fraud Awareness Security Training
  • Review of internal procedures and software set-up
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) documentation


  • Outsourcing Risk Department
  • 24/7 dedicated Risk Management Team
  • Recruiting process
  • Manage the entire Risk Department


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