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Profiling Center

Expose hidden associations between apparently unrelated accounts and prevent bad users from entering your network in the first place.


AcuityTec helps you automate and optimize the user information validation in the Registration process. We perform evidence recognition to assess the user’s reputation and return a Profile Score that represents the risk that the person poses to your business, identifying suspicious users and stopping fraud.


Your group has complete flexibility for Multi-Accounting Detection rule customization and changes that take effect immediately.

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Profiling Center


Instantly knowing which email accounts are not safe helps you fight exposure to online Fraud and abuse, while protecting your brand and customers with AcuityTec.

A wide range of output parameters and individual business rules at your disposal, designed to adapt to your specific business needs.


Online Security Tips

  • Keep your software updated

Updating software, whether it be on your phone, laptop, or television, is extremely important. When hackers discover new ways to steal your data, gadget and software companies usually work quickly to release fixes for those vulnerabilities. But it's up to us to actually install those updates— or set it so that updates occur automatically.


  • Don't fall for "phishing" scams

Phishing is an age-old technique in which users are tricked into submitting their login credentials on a fake website, only to have that information sent to hackers instead.


  •  Don't use the same password for multiple sites

If there's one cardinal sin when it comes to online security, it's using the same password over and over again across different services. This can be worse than never changing an old password.


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Professor Lock

A Trusted Solution for your Email Marketing Campaigns


AcuityTec helps online merchants improve marketing email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints and minimizing fraud.


Increase your Email Campaign Performance by Focusing only on REAL People


  • Eliminate Hard Bounces

Keep invalid email addresses from getting into your database.

  • Reduce Complaints

Avoid spam complaints or getting marked as spam when emailing prospects and customers.

  • Protect Against Fraud

Recognize the risk that an email address or email domain and the person behind it poses to your business.

  • Increase Deliverability

Prevent conversion loss by validating email addresses before you send marketing emails.


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