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Email intel

Email Intelligence

Instantly knowing which email accounts are not safe helps you fight exposure to online Fraud and abuse, while protecting your brand and customers with AcuityTec.

A wide range of output parameters and individual business rules at your disposal, designed to adapt to your specific business needs.



Global Address Verification

Verify and standardize mailing addresses from across the world with the flexibility and accuracy delivered by AcuityTec’s products.

The Global Address Verification process is done in real-time and is customized to ensure that it meets the model of your business.



The Acuitytec Certification is now available to all our customers, do you have yours?

Processing Channels Protection: The Certification will assure and provide comfort to your payment service providers that the transactional data they receive from you has been scrubbed and verified by experts in risk management.


Regulatory Compliance: Gaming Commissions and other regulatory entities are always concerned about proper validation of customer data. Our AcuityTec Certification will strengthen your commitment to ensuring that your customer data is properly verified and validated.


Customer Trust and Security: With our AcuityTec Certification, your customers are informed that you use a professional independent Risk Management solution and know that their profile and  transactional data is validated and verified to prevent fraudulent activities, increasing their trust in your website.


To request certification, please contact our AcuityTec Management team.


Professor Lock

Prof Lock

"View More" - Score Breakdown

The 'View More' mini window can be found within the Customer View and Transaction View pages. It displays the Risk Score details (Static/Hard Coded and Dynamic Rules Triggered) and the advanced verification results for the services enabled.
Also, an effective feature to override a specific rule for the user is available on the 
transactional side, allowing your Risk team to add immediate exceptions when applicable. 

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Online Security Tips

How to boost computer performance.

1. Remove unnecessary applications: remove all those unnecessary applications, most computers come with pre loaded trial software which in most of the cases is completely useless.

2. Run disk cleanup from time to time: look for those big and large files, like installation files, temporary files and recycle bin files as they do nothing else but taking space and get rid of those.

3.Cleary our browser history: clearing the browsing history will actually help your browser to operate faster.


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