Two recent Sehgal Foundation initiatives pertain to the most fundamental aspects of human well-being—education and sanitation.

In rural areas of India, schools often lack basic infrastructure and a stimulating learning environment for children. To address this neglected area, the foundation team has initiated a worldwide campaign to raise funds for transforming rural schools and their environment in India and provide further momentum to the right to education in rural India.

To promote sanitation, Sehgal Foundation is developing 1,000 sanitation ambassadors in Mewat (now district Nuh of Haryana). Fifty field staff members are assuming a larger leadership role through this initiative. Each will develop twenty sanitation ambassadors from over ten thousand citizens in Mewat who were trained as part of the foundation’s Good Rural Governance initiative since 2008. These ambassadors in Mewat will carry forward one of the world’s most ambitious and important national missions—making India clean by 2019.

Ajay Kumar Pandey

You can help transform lives one school at a time!!

The best gift one can give to anyone is education because it has the power to transform lives. This festive season, you can also be a part of this transformation by helping give the gift of education to schoolchildren in rural areas.


Fiza: Living up to her name

by Malvika Khitha

Even though the birth and acceptance of a girl child is welcome in Mewat, unequal power relations and oppressive ideologies restrain girls in living dignified lives and hinder their future potential. A victim of this power struggle is a young girl named Fiza, who found a new beginning to her life after joining the internet literacy center. Read More...


News from our intervention areas

Promotion of water saving agriculture technique of laser leveling in Mewat, Haryana

The success or failure of any technology can be weighed from its user feedback. Farmers in the semiarid district of Mewat in Haryana with limited groundwater availability have been familiar with the technology of laser leveling before with few farmers practicing the same but this time many of them have a firsthand experience of it. Read More...

Enriching lives through sustainable agriculture in Alwar, Rajasthan

Agriculture and livestock are the primary sources of livelihood in Alwar. The work initiated by Sehgal Foundation has been crucial to help residents of Thanagazi through the drought-like conditions.The Foundation team has implemented the Jaldhaara project in the area to recover water levels and to enhance agriculture and livelihood for the villagers. 


Enlightening the lives in farms and beyond: A farmer's testimonial from Champaran, Bihar

Find out how Mahadev Sahni, age forty-seven, a small farmer in East Champaran district of Bihar benefited from the Samagra Krishi (holistic agriculture) project. 

Knowledge exchanges by invited experts

Talk on legal aid and law schools

Sehgal Foundation hosted a talk by Shireen Moti on September 14, 2016. She is a human rights lawyer and earned an undergraduate degree in law from Jindal Global Law School (JGLS). She spoke about how law schools can be instrumental in providing legal aid to the marginalized. Read More...

Talk on household air pollution

Sehgal Foundation hosted a talk by Dr. Kirk Smith on October 4, 2016. He is professor of Global Environmental Health and the founder and director of the campus-wide Masters Program in Global Health and Environment at School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley. Read More...


Sehgal Foundation (US) organised the third annual fundraiser in Des Moines, USA on November 13, 2016 to support five schools in rural India. The campaign 'Transforming lives one school at a time' aims to meet critical needs of schoolchildren including drinking water, sanitation facilities, hygienic kitchen/food-serving area, digital literacy and life skills, and safe classrooms with seats and desks.  

Upcoming event: Fort Myers, Florida, USA on December 3, 2016. See details


Take a look at the Sehgal Foundation Annual Report 2015-16 featuring our partnership projects that have made a positive difference in the lives of rural people across villages in states of Bihar, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

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