Empowerment of villagers on key issues of our times—water security, food security, and social justice—forms the core work of Sehgal Foundation.

As I complete five years as CEO at the end of June and shift to an advisory position, I applaud community-led achievements,thank donors and the team for your support, and view the promising road ahead. The Sehgal Foundation community warmly welcomes Ajay Kumar Pandey as the new CEO as of July 1, 2016. A professor at Jindal Global Law School and the former staff member who started the foundation’s good governance program in 2008, Ajay is deeply committed to the mission of community-led development.

Please continue to provide your support for Sehgal Foundation so that villagers will lead more secure, prosperous, and dignified lives. Donate to a specific project that touches your heart.

Best wishes going forward!

Jane Schukoske


Cant believe its my village!, says a resident from Kalwari, Mewat

The journey of Kalwari village in Mewat district of Haryana toward sustained sanitation practices inspires and offers much to learn. Almost 90 percent of the households have constructed individual toilets, residents have stopped the practice of open defecation, and proper drainage and a garbage disposal system for waste management have given residents healthy and dignified lives. The success is especially significant in view of the overall dismal sanitation in Mewat district. Read More..


Improving agriculture productivity for better livelihoods in Bihar

Together with rural communities in Bihar, Sehgal Foundation began work in eleven villages of Samastipur district to promote sustainable agriculture and strengthen grassroots governance. With support from Bayer Cropscience, the foundation undertook a new initiative in agriculture-led development in twenty-five villages in East Champaran district. 

The project, titled Samagra Krishi (holistic agriculture), addresses problems specific to the agricultural context of Bihar. While the region has reliable access to water, small and marginal farmers lack access to scientific agricultural practices, agricultural technology, and allied services that are key catalysts for the growth of the sector in terms of volume and quality. 

The landless people, who contribute their labor to the sector, face multiple challenges in terms of food security and livelihood resilience. The project aims to strengthen levels of food security and diversify income-generating avenues for farmers through the introduction of allied agriculture activities. 

Internet literacy will soon be a reality for village youth in Mewat

"Laptab is no longer an unknown device for me," says Amarvati, age fifteen. Such experiences feature more commonly among the 220 young people of Mewat district of Haryana, of which 50 percent are girls who have enrolled in the internet literacy course initiated by Sehgal Foundation with support from Oracle and CEB India Pvt. Ltd. The project, "Bridging the internet literacy gap and promoting life skills education among youth," started in four villages in Mewat district.

In addition to internet literacy, youth learn about various aspects of village governance including education, health, and sanitation so that they can participate in the development of their villages and avail their rights.



Villagers witness gram sabha for the first time in their lives!

By Vikas Jha 

Villagers from the grassroots in Mewat, Haryana, report their novel experiences with Gram Uday se Bharat Uday Abhiyaan (village self-governance campaign). Read More...

Rainwater harvesting for creation of freshwater pocket within saline aquifer

This new booklet describes a unique model for harvesting rainwater and storing it within a saline aquifer. This is a handy resource for organizations and stakeholders involved in providing fresh water to saline groundwater areas. Read More...

Awards for Seeds for Change and Together We Empower

The book, Seeds for Change: The Lives and Work of Suri and Edda Sehgal by Marly Cornell, has won multiple book awards since its publication in 2014. This compelling biography tells the life stories of the talented and humble husband and wife who founded Sehgal Foundation to help the poor in rural India. In addition to the two gold Midwest Book Awards, a first place National Indie Excellence Award, two silver Ben Franklin Awards, and silver winner of a Foreword Reviews magazine Indie Book of the Year Award, the book was recently awarded first place in the biography category in the International Book Awards (IBA).

The history of Sehgal Foundation, entitled Together We Empower: Rekindling Hope in Rural India, also by Marly Cornell and published by Sehgal Foundation in US in 2015, won gold in the 10th National Indie Excellence Awards and was a finalist in the Foreword Reviews Indie Book of the Year. This book provides a close look at the first fifteen years of Sehgal Foundation and the organization’s entrepreneurial approach to rural development. Visit the Books page on our website for more details.


Help bring proper nutrition to rural families!

Poor nutrition is a serious issue in the state of Bihar, India. Village men often migrate to other states to work since family farms in the countryside are small and unrewarding. Family members who stay behind often lack a balanced diet. Sehgal Foundation's "Support a kitchen garden" initiative brings food security and nutrition to rural families. 

Your contribution of Rs 500/US $8 will help a rural family attain proper nutrition. Please donate now!

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