Our Series in Indigenous Studies

The Canadian Scholars Series in Indigenous Studies supports student development and academic inquiry by highlighting leading scholarship on Indigenous peoples. With an aim to offer innovative pedagogical resources and emphasize Indigenous intellectual traditions, the volumes in this series provide diverse approaches to Indigenous knowledge, histories, and politics. 

Determinants of Indigenous Peoples' Health in Canada

Edited by Margo Greenwood, Sarah de Leeuw, Nicole Marie Lindsay, and Charlotte Reading
$54.95 9781551307329 | July 2015 291 pages 

Determinants of Indigenous Peoples’ Health in Canada broadens the ways Indigenous peoples’ health is understood, harnessing new ideas and new voices that challenge theorizations about health inequities as being purely socially determined. 

Highlighting the voices and expertise of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis writers from across the country, this much-needed collection encompasses diverse issues such as colonialism, gender, culture, early childhood development, the environment, geography, HIV/AIDS, medicine, and policy. Read more

Iskwewak, Second Edition  

By Janice Acoose 
$39.95 | 9780889615762 | Feb 2016 | 120 pages 

 A powerful work of literary and cultural criticism, Iskwewak Kah’ Ki Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak analyzes representations of Indigenous women in Canadian literature, and deconstructs racist and sexist images such as the "Indian princess" and the "easy squaw." In this second edition, Janice Acoose draws a strong connection between the negative cultural attitudes fostered by those stereotypical representations and missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada, urging both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to challenge the harmful attitudes that condone violence against Indigenous women. Read more

A Recognition of Being, Second Edition

By Kim Anderson
$49.95 | 9780889615793 | April 2016 | 345 pages

In the first edition of A Recognition of Being, Kim Anderson interviewed forty Indigenous women to explore how Indigenous womanhood has been constructed and reconstructed in Canada. Now, Anderson revisits this groundbreaking text to include recent literature on Indigenous feminism and two-spirited theory, and to document the efforts of Indigenous women to resist heteropatriarchy. This work shows how Indigenous women have resisted imposed roles, reclaimed their traditions, and reconstructed a powerful Native womanhood. Read more

Walking in the Good Way

Edited by Ingrid Thompson Cooper and Gail Stacey Moore
$44.95 | 9781551303512 | Jan 2009 | 205 pages

Offering concrete direction for some and validation for others, this groundbreaking book provides a stimulus to engage in a much-needed discourse on Aboriginal social work education. 

The dozen original articles in this collection sensitively covers efforts during the past twenty-five years to develop and deliver social work education that meets the needs of Aboriginal students in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Read more


Edited by Fiona Walton and Darlene O'Leary
$39.95 | 9780889615250 | March 2015 | 178 pages

Sivumut—Towards the Future Together is the first book to feature accounts of education in traditional Inuit camps, experiences of forced relocation to government-established communities, and the impact of residential schools. 

Nine Inuit educational leaders address a range of issues from intergenerational trauma, to language, to learning and teaching, to gender identity. These powerful voices provide an insightful resource for students enrolled in Indigenous studies, education, Northern studies, and gender studies courses. Read more

Strong Helpers' Teachings, Second Edition 

By Cyndy Baskin
$49.95 | 9781551303994 | Sept 2011 | 300 pages

A unique resource that embraces Indigenous principles, Strong Helpers’ Teachings provides enrichment for the helping practices of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, practitioners, and scholars in the human services. 

It presents a concise introduction to important concepts such as anti-oppression, community activism, and holistic helping approaches. The clear and accessible structure and focus on practical applications make this text extremely student friendly. Read more

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