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We are very happy to introduce you to the 21st weekly newsletter of Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band!

With this newsletter, we aim to keep all our Band members informed about the latest happenings, events, and news within the community.   We are distributing this newsletter by email, so please encourage everyone to get their email address into, so they can be added to the list.
Weekly Updates - June 26, 2017
Flood Watch

The flood risk from this season's freshet appears to have passed.
The flood watch is over, and will only start if there is a significant rainfall event.
Information on current and forecasted water levels for the North Thompson is shown below.
Thanks to our flood watch team, Deuce, Kevin and Orla for helping to keep our Community safe.

Application Deadline Extended

Diploma in Indigenous Community Development and Governance
Human & Social Development | School of Public Administration
HSD Room A302 ~ PO Box 1700 STN CSC Victoria BC V8W 2Y2
T 250-472-4391 | F 250-721-8849 |
Diploma in Indigenous Community Development and Governance
Application deadline extended – Apply now!

See brochure: Here

Some Comments from Current Students

In September, the University of Victoria’s School of Public Administration welcomes its second cohort of students to the 12-course Diploma in Indigenous Community Development and Governance Program. Students take this accredited program over two years of part-time study (six terms) through a combination of online courses materials, plus intensive 5-day on-campus sessions throughout the program. Courses are transferable towards degree programs at UVic and BC’s Open University, Thompson Rivers. Here are some comments from current students in the program:
  • “UVic is very supportive…and sensitive to the challenges faced by Indigenous students and is respectful of the history and customs of Indigenous students.”
  • “The need for educated Dene people from the Sahtu Regional where I am from is greatly needed and I knew it was my time to return to school and pursue my education in leadership as my family is greatly involved in my home community’s governance.”
  • “The courses have provided great insight into Indigenous communities and the governance issues that are pertinent not only to them, but to all of us that live in Canada.”
  • The program “is an opportunity to learn the true and intimate history of the Indigenous peoples of Canada… especially for Indigenous people who are out of touch with their heritage.” Her learning has helped in her “position in the communications area” of her workplace and she adds “the lectures have been just fantastic. It is important to learn about other nations and communities through the diverse student cohort.”
  • “Graduating with a Diploma will most certainly positively affect my professional life.  I'll be able to apply for positions where I will be able to affect real change within a First Nations organization.  I want to be part of the solution for First Nations and spread knowledge to raise Canadian consciousness. Canada needs to change its way.”
  • “This has affected my personal life by giving me much greater confidence and rekindling my culture.  I am more involved with my culture and more knowledgeable.  It is so amazing to weave culture into my University experience.  My goal is to help improve other people's lives.  Every individual counts.”
  • “I would recommend this program because … I believe NOW is the time to self-identify as well as fill these programs to 'indigenize' UVic.  This is necessary.  We are already facing a shortage of qualified Indigenous people to fill positions!  I recommend anything that changes your life and view in a positive and constructive way.  It's inspiring.”
Students may be eligible for limited financial support through UVic’s Aboriginal Services Plan. Learners are urged to seek educational funding through their employers and home communities.
Tuition is $547.50 per course plus texts. The application deadline is extended to July 31. However, applicants are encouraged to apply well before that date to ensure time to process their application. To learn more, contact: Heather Kirkham, Program Manager, or 250-472-4391.
Opioid Treatment
Chief and Council Activities

In addition to the regular management of individual portfolios, last week Chief and Council:
  • Chief and Council were involved in regular portfolio management activities this past week.
Thank You!