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It's an interesting time in the capital markets space at the moment. 

Australia has seen a large initial coin offering raise $34m, with the big question being: Can the company now provide a return to those investors? 

The US stock market continues to reach new highs with the latest rise being due to "forecast-beating results" of the major technology companies. On the Australian bourse some 39 companies are on the "upcoming floats and listings" page on the ASX. We note that we are discussing listings with a number of parties that aren't yet on the list, so there are more to come! 

On the merger and acquisition front, we are waiting to see if the capital restrictions around China will affect investment in Australian assets

We are also seeing increased activity around "crowd funding" with the new legislation coming into effect on September 29. We don't particularly like the new rules and continue to use the Class Order exemptions under the Act to raise capital for clients. 

If you are an investor looking for high growth and pre-IPO opportunities or looking to raise capital, please contact us and we can help navigate and discuss the best options for you or your business. 

In this newsletter I have included:

I also invite you to download our current deal list from our website (log-in required, membership is free). 

Happy reading, and please get in touch if we can be of any assistance.

Managing Director 


 Funding Strategies

Funding Strategies is a capital markets firm providing strategic advice, venture equity capital and finance services to small business and companies seeking capital for growth and expansion in the unlisted, pre-IPO and listed capital markets. We specialise in creating and implementing successful funding and capital raising strategies. 

We serve predominately private and public companies, and sophisticated investors, with a broad range of services: 

  • Corporate Advisory
  • Funding Strategies and Investor Ready Services
  • Equity and Debt Capital Raisings
  • Small Scale Offerings and Venture Capital
  • Grant Funding
  • Special Private Placements
  • Stock Exchange Listings
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments
  • Strategic Trade Sales
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Real Estate Debt and Equity Financing and Restructuring
  • Providing Opportunities for Investors
  • Director and business advisory services
  • Migration Investment SIV 132A, 132B and 188E
  • Fund Management / Venture Funds

 AqMB Pty Ltd

Introducing AqMB - 
simulating water solutions

AqMB is an affordable water treatment software platform for concept design, process modelling and predictive analytics. A SaaS solution developed by engineers for designers, consultants and operators.

AqMB is online, user-friendly, comprehensive and super-fast design and simulation software for users of all experience levels across a diverse range of industries, globally.

The software provides a means to model and lock in a process design and generate all key process design deliverables in days rather than weeks and will interface directly with Autodesk CAD Software for a seamless transition between Concept and Detailed Design. 

To find out more about AqMB, please contact us

 Enviro Sand Pty Ltd

Introducing Enviro Sand - 
Recycling waste glass 
for use in the construction industry

Enviro Sand is an Australian-owned company providing high quality manufactured glass material. Using innovative recycling technology developed at its Brisbane manufacturing plant, the Company recovers glass waste previously destined for landfill, converting it into valuable glass sands and powders.

It is estimated that annually over 500,000 tonnes of waste glass are produced across the eastern seaboard of Australia and the majority of this goes into landfill, creating a serious waste management problem for councils and industry. A recent Four Corners program on the waste industry highlighted the crisis in the management of glass waste.

Enviro Sand provides a sustainable alternative to the mining of virgin resources. Enviro Sand's products have a range of proven commercial applications.

While excessive mining is depleting our natural resources, a deluge of glass waste threatens to inundate our planet with landfill; Enviro Sand aims to provide an environmental sustainable solution for the future. 

To find out more about Enviro Sand, please contact us

 The BioCube Corporation Ltd

LeenLife signs Agreement with BioCube

"LeenLife Pharma International:

  • Production and Operations in North America
  • Exclusivity Agreement with BioCube

October 17, 2017 CSE - LLP

The Company is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive agreement with BioCube Corporation Ltd. (“BioCube”), an Australian company with offices in British Columbia, to purchase equipment to manufacture the Company’s Omega 3 products based on flax seed oil.BioCube, offers LeenLife Pharma a on or off-grid platform that provides seamless integration into the commercial production process of LeenLife Pharma’s proprietary and industry leading Omega-3 formulations."

 Opmantek Ltd

"Opmantek wins 4th consecutive Queensland Premier's Export Awards off the back of continued global growth

Opmantek chairman, Danny Maher (pictured third from right) was there to accept the award on behalf of the company "We are very proud to be recognised as Queensland's leading digital technology company again this year. Our customers love our products and this award is a recognition of another great year for the company"

Congratulations Opmantek! 

  • Check out Opmantek's new website here.

  • For more information about Opmantek please contact us

  CaroMel Ltd

"We are launching any day now"   
CaroMel Ltd podcast

Listen as Raghu Rajakumar speaks to Greg McLardie, Managing Director of CaroMel Ltd. 

CaroMel is an innovative digital platform connecting fishermen and farmers with high end restaurants in China. Hear Greg talk through his exciting new concept, set to disrupt the supply chain, improve traceability, quality and profitability.

"CaroMel's platform launch set

Platform launch

CaroMel's platform is ready for launch. The company will now sprint to load the branding and emotional engagement aspects onto the platform and launch.

Global advertising agency decided

CaroMel has decided on the global advertising agency whiteGrey to be their partner in developing an emotional engagement with fishermen, farmers and end-consumers."

Upcoming ACBC QLD events 

We hope you will join Flora Mok at Australia China Business Council's upcoming event on 2 November in Brisbane:

"The China Tourism Economy: Reaching Australia's Potential

Queensland launch ACBC Tourism Report 2017

The ACBC 2017 China Tourism Report produced in collaboration with L.E.K. Consulting highlights linkages between tourism and other sectors and provides a China Readiness Framework for industries involved in tourism activity, education and consumer goods. The report is a valuable resource for tourism operators, policy makers and the myriad businesses that are connected in some way to the Chinese visitor economy."

Flora and I will also be attending ACBC's 
End of Year Celebration and Networking event
 on 23 November in Brisbane. 

We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Executive Elite Events 

We look forward to meeting with you at the upcoming event held by Executive Elite, of which we are a founding member: 


"There is no such thing as a self made person. You will only reach your goal with the help of others. 

Connect and Network with like minded professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow business. Our Group fosters and encourages the introductions that will help you achieve real business results."

 PwC R&D 

Creating new products or services?
Get over 40% of your development expenses back through the Government's R&D Tax Incentive

"If you are an Australian start-up or small business doing research and development, you may be eligible to get a generous cash refund through the Government's R&D Tax Incentive. Whether you have been developing a new product, process, equipment or service, you may be entitled to have over 40% of your development expenses refunded.

Nifty Grants makes claiming the incentive simple and stress free, so you can get back to business, and for November only the Nifty team is offering an exclusive special for Funding Strategies contacts. Select our Write my Claim option and have an R&D specialist complete the entire project write-up for 40% off the advertised rate (normally $2,999 - in November $1,799 plus standard service fees). Just quote this newsletter when you get started and the discount will be automatically applied.

Learn more about Nifty Grants here."

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