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Dear Readers,

I attended the AVCAL / Future Fund Venture Capital (VC) workshop in Melbourne recently where I had a unique opportunity to hear from senior professionals at one of the world's leading venture investment firms. 

There were a number of takeaways that I would like to share with you: 
  • Venture Capital returns in the United States of America (US) over 20 years (20.2%) have outperformed US Private Equity (12.3%) and US Small Cap Equities (8.3%) and US Large Cap Equities (7.7%). These trends are driving inflows of capital into Venture Funds and early stage companies as investors seek better returns.
  • The amount of non-US VC investment is rising with China now dominating this space and challenging the US in terms of VC investment.
  • Australian Venture Capital fundraising has been increasing albeit off a low base with a large increase (ca. 40%) in investment in 2016 compared with 2015 with approx. $429m in Venture Capital being raised in 2016. 

Funding Strategies and our investors are well placed to take advantage of these trends as we curate high growth investment opportunities that suit these capital flows. 

As we have discussed in the last newsletter, we have a number of Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP) funds that investors can invest into to access these opportunities and/or investors can invest directly into high growth companies. Please contact us for more information.

In this newsletter I have included:


 Funding Strategies

Funding Strategies is a capital markets firm providing strategic advice, venture equity capital and finance services to small business and companies seeking capital for growth and expansion in the unlisted, pre-IPO and listed capital markets. We specialise in creating and implementing successful funding and capital raising strategies. 

We serve predominately private and public companies, and sophisticated investors, with a broad range of services: 

  • Corporate Advisory
  • Funding Strategies and Investor Ready Services
  • Equity and Debt Capital Raisings
  • Small Scale Offerings and Venture Capital
  • Grant Funding
  • Special Private Placements
  • Stock Exchange Listings
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments
  • Strategic Trade Sales
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Real Estate Debt and Equity Financing and Restructuring
  • Providing Opportunities for Investors
  • Director and business advisory services
  • Migration Investment SIV 132B VCLP Funds
  • Fund Management

I also invite you to download our current deal list from our website (log-in required, membership is free). 

Happy reading, and please get in touch if we can be of any assistance.

Managing Director 
CaroMel Ltd 

Introducing CaroMel Ltd – 
An Airbnb-type digital disruption connecting fishermen and farmers with high-end restaurants and consumers in China and globally 
CaroMel Ltd aims to connect fishermen and farmers directly to high-end restaurants and their end consumers – the ‘Airbnb’ or ‘Uber’ of produce. Initially the Company will focus on the supply of Southern Rock Lobster (SRL, pictured left) and Abalone to high-end restaurants in China.

CaroMel will provide product traceability and provenance so end users will have confidence in the product’s authenticity. 

Farmers/fishermen can have more prestige through building their regional brand and restaurants can delight their patrons. By eliminating middlemen comprising almost 50% of supply chain costs, CaroMel is aiming for producers and restaurants to make higher profits.

The Company’s digital B2B platform can be applied across a range of food products in Australia and globally. Equally, the platform can be applied across a range of high-end restaurants in China and globally. Significant international opportunities have been identified.

Project 'Glucose Biosensor' 

Introducing Project ' Glucose Biosensor' - 
Revolutionising Diabetes Management

This is a first to market, first in class medical solution focused on improving the quality of life for those living with diabetes.
The Biosensor will revolutionise diabetes management – a non-invasive, pain free innovation that will make it easier for people to manage their diabetes. The Biosensor reads glucose levels in saliva, emitting signals to cloud based technology in real-time, without ever requiring a drop of blood. 

Currently 1 in 11 people have diabetes, that’s 415 million people globally.

Hear directly from those living with diabetes, or working with diabetes patients, as well as Professor Paul Dastoor, the inventor of this life changing innovation. 

Please contact us to find out more. 

Above: Promotion of the Glucose Biosensor technology on Sydney trains, through the University of Newcastle, advertising the webpage about Professor Paul Dastoor, the original inventor, and his team.

Haixi Pharmaceutical International Holdings Limited

Invest in the first Chinese pharmaceutical
company to list on the ASX: Haixi

Established in 1995, Haixi is a long-standing, highly recognised and respected brand in the pharmaceutical industry in China. The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing, sales, R&D of State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) approved pharmaceutical products, which includes ointment and medicinal creams treating pains, swelling and itching, as well as tablets, capsules and liquids.

Key Highlights

  • Substantial increasing profits and assets with high margins
  • First Chinese pharmaceutical company to be listed on the ASX
  • Long-standing brand recognition with 20 years history
  • High dividend payout ratio planned at 50% of NPAT, payable twice a year
  • Value investment at a P/E lower than sector average on ASX and HKEX
  • Plans to expand into the Australian market and intends to acquire or invest in Australian companies in the pharmaceutical sector
  • China is the worlds second largest market for pharmaceuticals

CXi Software Pty Ltd 

"CXi Announces Second Client for Unit Registry

CXi Software (“CXi”) has announced that it has successfully migrated its second client, in as many months, onto its cloud-based Unit Registry system – CXi-Registry™. 

“We’re delighted to welcome our second client; a significant Melbourne-based property firm managing some $2 billion in assets” said Seamus Ó Concheanainn, Managing Director of CXi.

 The Tooth Booth Limited 

"The Tooth Booth Model Delivers 
A Much Better GP Margin Percentage"

"The Tooth Booth Board is pleased to announce that it has reviewed the 2017 annual results recently released by ASX listed companies 1300Smiles and Pacific Smiles and notes that the Tooth Booth business model delivers a much better GP margin percentage."

"Tooth Booth also benefits from a push by the Queensland Government for more dental check-ups."

BlueMount Capital 

BlueMount Capital welcomes Flora Mok

After recently moving from Hong Kong to Brisbane, Flora has joined our team as Director, Mergers and Acquisitions. 
Flora has more than 20 years of professional M&A, tax and accounting experience in Hong Kong, China and Australia. Her expertise includes M&A and corporate advisory, deal origination and closing, due diligence, structuring, financial modelling and reviewing legal documentation. Flora has extensive experience in real estate, trading companies, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care and infrastructure. 

Upcoming ACBC QLD events 

We hope you will join Flora at Australia China Business Council's upcoming dinner event on 21 September in Brisbane:
"Welcome Dinner Hainan Airlines -
New Direct Flight Shenzen to Brisbane

Join ACBC QLD and BAC to welcome Guests of Honour travelling on the flight including Senior Representatives of Hainan Airlines, companies under the HNA Group, and a business delegation from the international commercial center of Shenzhen."

Upcoming Executive Elite Events 

We look forward to meeting with you at the upcoming events held by Executive Elite, of which we are a founding member. 

 PwC R&D 

Take a look at the new Nifty Forms site!

"See how the new Nifty Forms site will make claiming R&D easier

If your company is creating new - a new product or new knowledge - you may be eligible to have over 40% of the related expenses refunded through the R&D Tax Incentive.

The intricacies of an R&D incentive application have become more complex and should be processed with greater scrutiny for eligibility. 

There's no better time to use Nifty Forms to claim! Backed by PwC, you'll still get the same, high quality service and now, with our new site, better transparency of your claim, an enhanced user experience, and more tailored support.

Claim fees start from $1,499. Check your eligibility for free and take a closer look at your new Nifty experience here."

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