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Three years ago, we launched a bold experiment to transform rural schools called TabLab. After collecting lots of impact data and fine tuning our model, we are ready to double the number of schools we work with in 2016 and hire a full-time director. In the next 24 hours, we are trying to raise $15,000, which will allow us to bring TabLab to one school for two years. This is our only public fundraising of the year, and we have already raised $6,100 towards our goal. If you can help us get there, please do! 

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Thank you, 

Ross Wehner

Ross Wehner

Founder, World Leadership School TabLab

Boulder, CO, USA



That's how many kids around the world do not know 

how to read, write or do basic math. 

Many of these children are in rural schools, which lack effective teacher training programs, internet and sometimes even electricity. 

Transforming education in rural schools demands that we think outside of the box. With your help we can start changing the educational experience of these 250 million children. 

TabLab is an innovative two-year school transformation program that combines the power of tablet technology and teacher training. A school enrolled in TabLab receives a teacher trainer and a classroom set of tablets. The tablets, along with an offline server and battery pack, are contained in a humidity-proof box on wheels. Students can use the best learning apps, watch Kahn Academy videos, research on Wikipedia, and more – all without internet or even electricity. 

What makes TabLab different is our teacher trainers, who make a two-year commitment to each TabLab school. These local trainers meet teachers where they are and help teachers adopt new ways of teaching. In a TabLab classroom, the teacher spends less time at the chalkboard and more time facilitating a collaborative, team-driven learning experience with students.  

TabLab is being piloted currently in five very different schools in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Costa Rica; Karatu, Tanzania; and Cortez, Colorado. Over a three-month period, TabLab students are showing a full grade level of improvement in math skills compared to peer students not using TabLab. We are also seeing significant gains in reading, writing, and 21st century skills such as collaboration and communication. In 2016, TabLab wants to double in size and work in a total of 10 schools.  

But to get there, we need your help. 

Transform Education

Join us today to raise $15,000 so we can bring TabLab’s innovative model to rural schools around the world. Think outside the box. And invest in technology and training, together.   



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