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TabLab Sparks School Partnerships 

What can happen when a rural school receives tablet technology and an onsite teacher trainer? In the case of Banjika Secondary School in Tanzania and Liceo El Paraíso in Costa Rica, the result was a vibrant and growing collaboration with Appleby College, a school in Oakville, Canada, that serves 7-12 graders. The results of this collaboration — between three different schools on very different continents — will be presented next month at the TABS/NAIS Global Symposium. Other independent schools are now funding TabLab programs for overseas rural school partners in order to collaborate virtually and transform learning — for both schools. St. Mary’s Academy in Denver is funding TabLab for long-term partner Colegio Valle Sagrado in Urubamba, Peru, while Lakeside School in Seattle is sponsoring TabLab for G-Arusha Secondary School in Karatu, Tanzania. For more information on TabLab school partnerships, email us at 


TabLab Unveils First Impact Data  

We’re thrilled to report that our first impact evaluation revealed meaningful gains in both math and reading: during a 3-month period in Colorado, TabLab classes showed 65% growth in math skills vs. 26% growth for non-TabLab classes. In the same study, reading ability increased 49% in TabLab classes as compared to 38% for non-TabLab classes. With the help of TabLab board member, Scott Dooley, and a recent grant from Pearson Education, TabLab trainers are administering a survey to also measure changes in learning engagement in both students and teachers. And we have developed a rubric to help measure gains in collaboration between students. Our school year in Tanzania, Costa Rica and Peru started in January so this year’s data is expected in December 2016. 


TabLab Trainers Coming to the U.S.A.

After more than a year of preparation, TabLab is gearing up for its first-ever TabLab Trainer Certification Program next month in Colorado. For all of our trainers this will be their first-ever visit to the United States. TabLab has identified each of these trainers as being excellent teachers within their local schools. The purpose of this training is to help them become effective agents of school-wide change. Over the course of 9 days, the TabLab trainers and their respective country coordinators will have the chance to share ideas, collaborate and brainstorm future innovations. TabLab is different because it is teacher-focused, not technology-focused. The TabLab trainers, who are teachers themselves, are guiding TabLab’s evolution!


TabLab Adds Two New Schools in Tanzania

TabLab began 2016 by adding two new TabLab locations in Africa: Orkeeswa Secondary School (teachers in photo above) and G-Arusha Secondary School both in Northern Tanzania. TabLab Founder Ross Wehner traveled to Tanzania in January to meet with the school principals and Ministry of Education officials from Karatu District to ensure a smooth roll out.  The work in the schools so far is advancing smoothly with TabLab Trainers Zach Mbasu and Celestine Alphayo working closely with teachers in all our Tanzanian schools (read the TabLab Trainer blog here).  Instead of using our traditional TabLab with iPads, this time around we used Android-based Kio Tablets from BRCK Education in Nairobi, Kenya. TabLab is planning new school launches later this year in Tanzania, Peru and rural USA. Stay tuned.



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