Issue: December 2017

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The year on year trend in flight activity

Slight decline this month, mainly from France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.


WINGX analyses flight activity across each country in Europe, highlighting trends in city pair connections, mission type, aircraft preference and OEM fleet popularity.

We pick out the most popular aircraft, and fastest growing airports. We review the latest month within the context of the year-to-date.

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City Performance in December 2017

Cities with most business aviation flights
Solid growth out of London, Paris, Madrid, and especially Hamburg. Decline in Rome, Milan.

Activity trend by City
Despite overall decline in France, strong growth from Paris and Nice.

How did December 2017 compare to previous years?

Least active December since 2014, and 11% below the volume a decade ago.

Types of mission operated by business aviation

On Christmas day the majority of flights were Private. 8% of flights were Special Mission.

Business aviation country connections

Flights from Italy to Russia were at their lowest since February, and down 12% YOY.

Popular types of business aviation aircraft

Latitude activity is well up since July. Legacy 600 flights +15% YOY. Falcon 2000 flights -2%.

Number of aircraft handled and fuelled

52,152 fuel events generated an uplift of 17M USG of Jet A1 in December.

WINGX coverage of aircraft types and flight mission


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