September 2016

Tips for attracting international clients

Overseas clients are entering the Canadian real estate market in droves. If you haven't worked with an international client already, this demographic presents incredible potential for the growth and expansion of your business. And as more foreigners are settling in Canada or investing in the country’s real estate, there are plenty of ways that you can make these interactions more successful. Continue reading on our blog, Real Estate Savvy.

September's Winner - Realty Sweep™ Message of the Month

Introducing: East York Massage And Physiotherapy Studio

East York Therapy Studio is therapist owned, and patient driven. Services are provided by registered therapists equipped to offer a range of healing solutions, including registered physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, medical acupuncture, reflexology, laser therapy and pelvic health physiotherapy. Enjoy convenient online booking, evening hours, free parking, direct billing, yoga and workshops designed to help you help yourself! Located at 1557 O’Connor Drive. For further information, or to book your appointment please visit or call 416-285-1777. Fanaye Whyte, PT and Erin Smith, RMT

This message was selected as our Message of the Month for the following reasons:

  • Featuring a new local establishment is a great way of providing locally relevant information and cementing the realtor’s reputation as having their “finger on the pulse of the community”.
  • Assuming that the new establishment offers excellent value, anybody who takes advantage of the new service will feel “beholden” to the realtor – thereby creating a potential “bridge” to the realtor.
  • The message could have been further improved by ending with a call-to-action.
More great messages
When’s the best day of the week to list a home?

Seasoned real estate agents know there are several factors that can impact the success of a listing, whether it’s the decor, staging or photography. But there’s one small element that the agent easily has control over, which is the day of the week they list the home. Continue reading on our blog, Real Estate Savvy.

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