Hi, the Summer holidays begin! If you're still looking for Summer ideas, visit our website homepage for lots of camps, clubs and events. Also visit our Activities page for even more suggestions

Our own Play/Meet Up, for children up to teenage, is on Saturday August 5th

Play Meet Up flyer

Other dates planned are 9 September and 7 October. Please email our Steering Group member, Jenny Cooper: jennypcoop@hotmail.co.uk to let her know you’ll be going


25 July: Channel 4 TV programme "Excluded" at 9m includes a boy with ADHD. Sadly, this is certain to provoke all the wrong comments and publicity. Be ready to wear a thick skin!

SenTalk Conf July 26

July 26: ADHD Richmond’s Alastair Yates is one of the speakers at this SenTalk Conference. There’s a general lack of understanding and knowledge around ADHD. Sen Talk has teamed up with many professionals and practitioners to offer this conference to share an overview of Attention Deficit Disorders, behaviours and therapeutic approaches. This event will be a useful insight into difficulties often experienced in an education and home settings. We will explore the nature of ADHD and Mental Health, the benefits of Pastoral Support Programmes and Understanding the meaning behind Challenging Behaviour.This event will provide refreshments for all our guests and the cost of this will be included in the price of the ticket. £5.90 for parents/carers

Book your tickets Email: contactus@sentalk.org


We'll still be online through the break to answer your queries on our private Facebook Forum

Our seminars and workshops will re-start in September, see our Events

Have a lovely Summer without too many meltdowns!

All the best from the ADHD Richmond Steering Group