2 Dec 2014

What is TabLab?

Have you ever thought about how much information you can access, at a moment’s notice, using your computer or smartphone? What you can learn, communicate, create, and do, through digital technology?

Now imagine going to a school without computers and having to learn everything by copying words from a chalkboard. This is the reality faced by millions students around the world who attend schools that are too small and too remote to afford a traditional computer lab.

TabLab, an initiative of World Leadership Foundation, addresses this problem by bringing digital technology and teacher training to rural schools around the globe. We are seeking to raise $10,000 in the next seven days (through Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday, Dec. 9) in order to bring our TabLab program to to new schools in rural Costa Rica. This money will also help us launch new TabLab programs at schools in Southwestern Colorado and Karatu, Tanzania.

The TabLab is a humidity-proof box that contains 20 mini iPads loaded with the latest educational software. The tablets link wirelessly to a mini hard drive that has a gigantic educational library with Kahn Academy videos, an electronic reference library, textbooks, and other educational content. Each tablet contains award-winning software for reading (Raz-Kids) and math (DreamBox). The TabLab works without internet and can even work without electricity.

But the TabLab is more than technology. It’s a starting point for a conversation about new forms of creative, 21st Century learning. This is why each TabLab comes with a year-long teacher trainer who works alongside teachers and helps them understand how to integrate technology into their daily teaching practice.

Where do Snow Angels Come in?

We only have one week to raise $10,000. That’s more than $1,400 every day of the week. So, for every $1,000 a new board member at World Leadership Foundation has agreed to put on a swim suit, run outside in the snow and make snow angels. It’s our quirky way of saying thanks from Colorado on behalf of our students. Ross Wehner, our Executive Director, has already made the first snow angel thanks to a single donation of $1,000 (he promises to do a better one when there is more snow!). Next up in line are board members Skip Feeney, David Maher, Bruce Miller, Jim Dulin, Bill Sullivan, Rob Morlino, Michelle LaBorde . . . the list goes on! Some snow angels may be delayed because of weather variations around the country. But we will make our snow angels, and photos will be posted to our WLF Facebook page. Please make us go jump in the snow and help give students around the world a great education.

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