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Paragon Robotics expands wireless logging and monitoring system's product line with addition of new wireless external sensors and probes.  

Paragon Robotics wireless data logging and monitoring systems expand offering of external sensors with the release of several new products for cold storage, energy systems, environemental research and industrial monitoring applications . New wireless external sensors and probes include:

Paragon Robotic's monitoring systems include our configuration and dashboard display/ recording/ logging software. Our software features a fast one click setup and configuration of any sensor. In additional, our mobile friendly dashboards and charting software allows fast and immediate access to your measurements from any mobile device, tablet, iPhone or Android.  

Wireless Freezer RTD - 3-wire stainless steel with Glycol bottle kit

Wireless Freezer RTD - 3-wire stainless steel with Glycol bottle kit

The RTD-120SS-FRZKIT is a 3-wire Freezer RTD stainless steel probe and includes Glycol bottle kit complete with mounting accessories. It is accurate to +- 0.3°C, and useful in refrigeration system applications in vaccine and product storage with measurement range of -50 ~ 200°C (-58 ~ 392°F). The Glycol kit increase RTD temperature measurement response time to eliminate false alarms when opening/ closing system doors while still protecting your product from cooling system failures. The RTD-120SS-FRZKIT is directly connected to our Model SC33 wireless transmitter. We support all types of external temperature probes with RTDs, Thermocouples and Thermistors.


Wireless Incubator/ Harsh Environment Temperature and Humidity transmitter SS probe

The THP-84SS-KIT is a Temperature and Humidity transmitter with stainless steel probe includes custom wiring harness and AC/DC power supply. The probe offers measurement ranges of -20 ~ 80°C (-4 ~ 176°F) and 0-100% RH and is accurate to +- 0.3°C (Temp) and +-3% (RH), and useful in incubator or harsh environment temperature and humidity monitoring applications. The THP-84SS-KIT is directly connected to our Model SC18 wireless transmitter.

Wireless Moisture Content Sensor

The MS1 Decagon moisture sensors can be used to measure moisture levels in media randing from soils to masonite. It is used in conjunction with the Model SC18 wireless transmitter to integrate into any logging, monitoring, or control system.

Wireless True Power

True power WattNode sensors can measure true power using both voltage and current readings. Revenue grade (+-0.5%) models are also available for high precision applications. Wattnode true power sensors are connected directly to the SC14 wireless transmitter.

Wireless Water Surface Sensor For Leak Detection

WSS1 water/ leak detector can be placed in areas to monitor for water from leaks and/or floods. With the Model WSS1 connected to the Model SC18 wireless transmitter, receive immediate notification via software, email and/or text message of a leak detection alarm.

Wireless Carbon Dioxide Probe

The CDP-1 CO2 transmitters probes for indoor air quality and energy efficiency applications. The duct mount transmitters with junction box and attached probe offer accuracy and fast/ simple connection to our Model SC18 wireless transmitter in our logging and monitoring systems. CO2 measurement range of 0-2000 PPM at an accuracy of +-3% of reading.

Wireless Gauge Pressure Sensors

Broad range of external pressure sensors and ranges available to work with the SC18 or SC34 wireless transmitter wireless transmitters to wirelessly communicate pressure measurements throughout a facility. Options include battery operated and low power pressure transducers that do not require an additional power supply. Our wireless transmitters are compatible with any pressure sensor on the market with a mV, VDC or mA output.

Paragon Robotics Wireless System Features

  • Measure, Monitor, Chart, Log and Acquire wireless sensor data.
  • Extended wireless range - Single Gateway covers 30,000 sq ft facility.
  • Gateways connected via Ethernet or optional WIFI to local network router or directly to PC/Server/Laptop/Tablet/Smart Device.
  • Optional SuperGateways Model GW10 and  Model GW11, WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
  • SuperGateways feature interface to BACnet and Modbus networks.
  • Control and Automation capabilities with integration of SC100 Wireless Relays
  • DataRecorder software included to chart, log, monitor all individual sensor data
  • HaloCloud service for access to remote system data and configuration from anywhere.
  • Individual sensor alarm capabilities – Notification by email or text via SMS.
  • Remote PC, Tablet, Smart Phone access to system and data with cloud service.

Configuration & Dashboard Display Software with True Mobile Access

Utilize Paragon Robotics configuration and dashboard software to setup and monitor all of your systems sensors. DataRecorder software for real tme display, charting and logging of all sensor data.

Configure individual sensor alarms and notifications (text and/or email messages). 

Add Annotations and Remarks on specific sensor data or alarm points for auditing requirements.

True Mobile and Remote system access with any internet or cellular enabled smartdevice, not just local bluetooth connections. Software compatible with PCs, Laptops, Tablets, iPhones and Androids.

All Paragon Robitics software is included at no charge with our systems.

Add Sensors and Measurements for a Complete Monitoring System

  • Scalable System – Expand to hundreds of sensors
  • Battery operated sensors - No wires for installation
  • Compatible with external sensors and temperature probes - Thermistors, RTDs and Thermocouples
  • Small compact ruggedized case
  • Data storage up to 120 Billion data points
  • Automated one click configuration and calibration
  • Low powered sensors: 5-8 year standard AAA battery life.
  • Wide Range of available sensors and compatibility with existing instrumentation outputs.



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