September 22, 2014

Today marks one year since the historic 

Walk for Reconciliation!

Vancouver’s Walk for Reconciliation Continues to Inspire Action One Year Later

The City of Vancouver is to proclaim the week of September 22, 2014 “Reconciliation Week”, marking one year since 70,000 people braved the heavy rain to join the Walk for Reconciliation. The proclamation demonstrates a continued commitment by the City to build new relationships among Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians, as well as to further support the initiatives of Reconciliation Canada.

This Fall promises the launch of many new reconciliation initiatives within the city, including events hosted by Vancity Credit Union and Aboriginal Tourism BC. The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) will also host a full-day session at its annual Convention to explore reconciliation and local government-First Nation relationshipbuilding. This event follows on a resolution endorsed by UBCM at its 2013 Convention calling for a year of reconciliation with First Nations in British Columbia.

Click here to read the full news release.

Community Action Toolkit has been Launched! 

Now is the time. Take action!

The Community Action Toolkit is intended to provide you with some guidelines and ideas on how to start the reconciliation conversation within your own circles of influence. We invite individuals, neighbours and community groups, businesses, government and other organizations to join us and to contribute to this important conversation.

Click here to find details on how to take action at home, in your community and in your workplace.

We look forward to hearing and sharing positive stories from the community on taking reconciliation action.  

Kitchen Table Dialogue Guide:

An opportunity to gather friends, family, neighbours and/colleagues to join the dialogue on reconciliation.

Click here to find out more.

Young Leaders Guide:

A call-to-action for post-secondary students, student unions, associations and clubs.

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Young Adult Voices:

A ‘how to’ guide for senior high school students to action reconciliation within their schools, families and social networks.

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Plan Your Own Event Guide: 

Ideas, inspiration and tips for planning your own reconciliation event.

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What is your vision for Reconciliation?

Our Shared Journey provides an opportunity to reflect on the year since Reconciliation Week 2013. We have seen many successes and none of these would have been possible without you. 

We invite you all to join us and share your vision for reconciliation. Here are some of the visions we have heard so far:

"My vision for reconciliation is a country where we are able to function like a community where nobody is discriminated against, no matter what their background. We need a community where our thoughts, opinions and stories are able to freely be shared to create a more cohesive environment."


"I see people with family trees reaching deep into this land and those with roots in countries around the world sharing a deep commitment to unity. A united people that embrace and celebrate, not just tolerates their diversity. United in their respective walking upon this earth, honouring the life that the earth gives, humble before it's humility and strength and fearful of the power they have to spoil the water, air and land."


"History should not simply be taught as something that has passed; its effects on today's generations and the relationship between people should be discussed, understood, and reflected on. Only then can truly strong relationships and equality be achieved" 

- Kim

We continue to be inspired by your commitment to reconciliation. Continue the journey and share your vision for reconciliation here.

Reconciliation Begins with Me: Featured Stories

September 22nd marks one year since 70,000 people braved the pouring rain to join the Walk for Reconciliation. As part of the celebrations, Reconciliation Canada is highlighting individuals and organizations that have made transformational change within their communities through reconciliation initiatives. 

Zachary Mullin, Grade 6 Student, Queen Elizabeth Elementary, learned some important life lessons while conducting research for a Heritage Fair project. Zachary had the opportunity to meet both Chief Robert Joseph and Robbie Waisman, a Holocaust survivor. He found both their characters and approach to reconciliation particularly inspiring.

Click here to view Zachary Mullin's story.

Beau Dick is a renowned Kwakwaka'wakw carver. Beau performed the copper breaking ceremony in front of the British Columbia Parliament Building in Victoria and Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa “to bring attention to the social injustices and the attack on mother earth”.

Click here to view Beau Dick's story.

Lisa Upton, Principal, Norgate Community School, Xwemelch'stn, works with the local community to ensure that reconciliation initiatives are woven into the school's educational programs.

Click here to view Lisa Upton's story.

Sarah Goodman, Founder and CEO, Treetop Strategy/ Former Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, Tides Canada, was instrumental in establishing the Reconciliation Canada initiative.

Click here to view Sarah Goodman's story.

Jennette Stark, St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church Presbytery Representative, propelled the “Tiles Project” into over 50 Vancouver elementary schools, reaching thousands of school-aged children who collectively decorated more than 23,000 tiles.

Click here to view Jennette Stark's story.

Linda Morris, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Member and Community Engagement at Vancity (Vancouver City Savings Credit Union), and her team became instrumental in making Vancity Credit Union a founding partner of Reconciliation Canada.

Click here to view Linda Morris' story.

Tara Ney, Municipal Councillor in Oak Bay & Associate Professor at the University of Victoria’s School of Public Administration, attended a Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop in Victoria in January 2014. Inspired to take action at the end of this workshop, Tara committed to advancing Aboriginal Art as a pillar of reconciliation in her Oak Bay community.

Click here to view Tara Ney's story.

Arlene Strom, Vice President, Sustainability and Communications at Suncor Energy Inc., attended a Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop in Fort McMurrary, Alberta, in June 2014. She pledged to share her insights and what she had learned with her colleagues at Suncor and with people in her community.

Click here to view Arlene Strom's story.

Sukhvinder Kaur Vinning is the former Executive Director of the World Sikh Organization of Canada, a non-profit organization that promotes and advocates for the protection of human rights for all Canadians, irrespective of race, religion, gender, ethnicity and social and economic status. Click here to view Sukhvinder Kaur Vinning's story.

Andrea Reimer has been a catalyst in the historical initiatives and actions that the City of Vancouver has undertaken to advance Reconciliation. 

Click here to view Andrea Reimer's story.

For Lillian Howard, reconciliation has both a personal and professional meaning. As a residential school survivor and Co-Chair of the Urban Aboriginal Peoples Advisory Committee (UAPAC), for Howard, reconciliation has been a long journey. 

Click here to view Lillian Howard's story.

Mark Winston believes that building relationships is the first piece in creating a reconciled world.This philosophy guided the workshop series held at SFU’s Centre for Dialogue with Reconciliation Canada, for Vancouver’s Year of Reconciliation. 

Click here to view Mark Winston's story.

How can you help?  

Help us move our initiatives forward by making a donation. Reconciliation Canada is a charitable project, established as a collaboration between the Indian Residential School Survivor’s Society (IRSSS) and Tides Canada Initiatives Society (TCI). Your donations will help us move forward with our 2014 initiatives, which include:

  • Reconciliation Dialogue Sessions & Action Plans
  • Reconciliation-Based Leadership Training & Core Competencies Assessments 
  • Sustainable Economic Reconciliation Dialogue Sessions & Actions Plans
  • Public Awareness & Outreach 

Help us achieve our vision of A New Way Forward for all Canadians. 

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