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Counseling Today, 4(2), December 2017

It has always been a good time to reflect as we walk through the end of year. While some success stories may add our confidence in facing challenges ahead, surviving from failures is also a great milestone to improve our life skill.

Throughout 2017, ICA has been involved in many activities to increase psychological and mental health awareness in the society and, at the same time, also to update the knowledge of ICA members with more current mental health-related-issues. A debt of gratitude is owed to all ICA members that actively engage in our program and with a heap of confidence, we believe that ICA will create more impacts through its program in the upcoming year.

Finally, while wishing you a joy and happiness in this festive season, please enjoy reading the articles from our members and make sure you are up to date to our event highlight!


Establishing Relationship with Parents of Special Needs Children

One of our newest member, Ivan Lazuardi, shared his thought about the importance of maintaining a meaningful relationship between teacher and parents of special needs children.  [read more]

5th APRICPC, 1-3 December 2017

Dr. Garey and Mr. Himawan attended the 5th Asia Pacific Rim Counselors and Psychotherapists Conference at Max Atria, Singapore. [read more]

Preparing Yourself for a Fresh New Year

Our student member, Fenny Indrawati, has some tips to make ourselves ready for a fresh new year. [read more]


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