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A Lesson in Surrender

Welcome to 2017! I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and that this year is kicking off to a great start!

For me, 2016 went out with a bang. Three days before Christmas my office flooded, and the day after that my car broke down. I got it towed, only to find out the repair shop was closed...until after Christmas.

    Yes, I was a little stunned, and truly did feel like the Universe was laughing at me. But with a little reflection, and the support of my family and friends I could only laugh through my tears of defeat.

    My lesson- to Surrender.

     Like many of us, a lot of times I feel that if I don't do something, it won't get done. And with a flooded office space, a long list of to-dos, and no car in the midst of holiday events, I couldn't get anything done.

    I had no choice but to surrender, and that allowed me to be present and enjoy where I was and who I was with. The holiday cheer went on, and worrying about what I couldn't do was pointless, because it truly was out of my control.

    And guess what, everything was OK. I got my car back the day after Christmas, and although some repairs are still needed, I'm seeing clients again at my office. It could've been so much worse, and I'm so thankful for all of the people who supported me through it.

    When I surrendered it also allowed others to come in and help me. I was gently reminded that I don't have to do everything alone, but just need to let go a little bit of how and when I think things should happen.        

    We live in busy times and run around stressed out trying to get "things done." So when you start to feel overwhelmed or defeated I invite you to Surrender.     Everything is in divine order and timing, and we truly are supported. We just have to let go to see it. And so it is!




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