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St. Valentine- the healer

   Happy Valentine's Day! It's a day for romance, chocolate and Hallmark cards, right? We're inundated by ads, and the stores are filled with messages of love everywhere. But what does this day really mean?

    A tiny bit of history, St. Valentine was a Roman priest who was imprisoned and eventually beheaded for marrying young couples in a Christian church when it was illegal for young couples to get married.     The emperor had also persecuted the church at that time. When reading the history, what intrigued me was learning the miraculous healing that took place while he was in prison.

    One of the jailers sent his blind daughter to St. Valentine, who spent time teaching her about Christ, and praying with her. His faith affected her faith causing her to believe, and a miracle of healing occurred restoring her sight! This was so astounding that her dad became a Christian as well.  According to the story, the last words St. Valentine wrote were in a note to her that he signed, from your Valentine.

    St.Valentine believed in love, in the teachings of Christ, and in the miracle of prayer. He laid down his own life for his beliefs, which he still practiced in prison!

    I'm happy to celebrate this Valentine's Day with a whole new perspective! Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the chocolate, but instead of a cheesy Hallmark holiday, it's really about standing up for what you believe in, no matter what! Thank you St. Valentine, I'll celebrate this concept any day :)
    If you take nothing else away from this story, just know, that for the one who believes- healing is always possible, miracles are everywhere, and the love of the divine is with you always.

   This month, in honor of St. Valentine, I invite you to expect a miracle. What would you like to receive? Put your intention out there, believe, and know that anything is possible with Faith.             




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