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Our artist this month is “Folk-RNN” - a computerized/ machine learning system “trained” on folk music that composes ORIGINAL music!

Folk-RNN was developed in London, England at Queen Mary and Kingston Universities and has composed over 35,000 original tunes – all based on “learning” the ways of Irish and Scots folk music!

Loquantur was granted the use of some of this composition - some selections are attached courtesy of Queen Mary and Kingston Universities* - and Loquantur RHYTHM

Loquantur supports creativity and the arts and this convergence of creative music and Artificial Intelligence was just WAY too cool for us to resist.

Check out more tunes at and

We can't conclude this without giving credit to the human genius which made RNN possible. Please meet Dr. Bob L. Strum and Dr. Oded Ben-Tal



Dr. Bob L. Strum is Lecturer in Digital Media at the Centre for Digital Music in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London.

Dr. Oded Ben-Tal - Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem, doctoral studies at Stanford University at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. He is a senior lecturer at the music department, Kingston University.


Current Loquantur clients with default music will experience The Most Cutting Edge Irish Folk Music by Folk-RNN from June 19 to June 26, 2017.

LoquanturRHYTHM is a cutting edge collaboration between technology and emerging local artists.  It transforms hold music. With this collaboration you have original and unique new artist hold music to amp up your business communications system.  LoquanturRHYTHM covers all genres: electronic dance music (EDM), rock, alternative rock, country, pop, rap, and Christian. LoquanturRHYTHM allows businesses, who enjoy a specific artist’s music, to contact the artist directly and sign a contract to make the artist’s music a permanent part of their hold music.


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