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RJ20 was excited to roll out our financial wellness service earlier this year, and the timing could not be better. Financial Wellness is one of the hot topics industry wide, however, financial advisors are still looking for easy ways to implement it for their retirement plan clients.

We know that plan participants are asking for more guidance when it comes to their finances. However, many advisors struggle with how to deliver something that is effective for the plan participant and at the same time impactful for their advisory firm. As we talk with advisors, we often hear a sense of frustration. There are so many tools available, but few real success stories to show that the delivery of financial wellness can actually become a true business building strategy.

What Is Financial Wellness?

How does a financial advisor actually deliver a concise strategy? How does a financial advisor measure the impact of the time and expense of financial wellness? How can an advisor “test” financial wellness without committing an enormous amount of energy and resources to a program that may or may not be successful? These are just some of the questions that are associated when the conversation turns to financial wellness and the growth of one’s business.

Groundbreaking New Study

As RJ20 asked Mark Singer, President and Founder of Financial Literacy Toolbox, to power our new financial wellness program, we are excited to announce that he is addressing these issues in a groundbreaking new study that will answer some of these questions. As an advisor he recognizes the challenges faced by advisors who are hesitant to move forward with the delivery of financial wellness. And as a thought leader in financial wellness, he is constantly seeking to create unique ways to connect plan participants with their advisor, so that each can pursue their respective goals.

RJ20 is very interested to see the results of this study so we can share more metrics with our clients in regards to our services. To that end, Mark is working with a select group of financial advisors to roll out a Beta program. This program is designed to benchmark how effective a financial wellness program can be, for both the plan participant and the advisor.

How To Participate

If you would like to participate, FOR FREE, in this study, please email me. We are looking for 2-3 more advisors who might be interested.