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HKWTIA Monthly e-Newsletter 2017 
July/August Issue  

Meet our Members - FinFabrik

In the Meet our Members this month, we visited FinFabrik and did an interview with Alex, he discusses the difference between FinTech companies and "TechFin" ones, providing insight as to how we can further develop HK's FinTech community and FinTech Hub. To view the full article, please visit our website.

Special Feature

Security Study of Android Stock Trading Mobile Apps in Hong Kong

The Security Study of Android Stock Trading Mobile Apps in Hong Kong is a member project of WTIA. 140 selected stock trade Android mobile apps were tested and evaluated systematically from 25 security perspectives in April to July 2017.

The results of the study reveal that owing to their lack of formidable security settings, stock trade mobile apps (STMA) in Hong Kong are highly susceptible to malicious hacking activity, thus endangering the private information of users of these apps. For the 25 evaluation criteria in this study, over 86% apps did not pass the top 5 evaluation criteria in terms of severity. The insecure percentage for Secure Communication, one of the security criteria, is nearly one-half (43.8%) out of 140 STMA tested, though it showed an improvement comparing with the study done in 2015 (62.5%) & 2016 (83.3%). Only 4 criteria were fully passed for all apps tested, however the reason for such being that the apps did not engage in related features.

Full report of the Study can be downloaded here.

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Upcoming Happenings! (Click image to view details)

Digital Marketplace Seminar - The New Age of eSports (31 August)

World Congress on Information Technology 2017 (10-13 September) - HALF PRICE for WTIA members!

Organised by HKIRC, the 9th Digital Marketplace Seminar (DMP) themed “The New Age of eSports”, will discuss the emerging trends in the eSports business, how companies are striving to drive innovation and technology to create breakthroughs, how to tap into new markets in the youth sector, and new directions and strategies for capturing opportunities related to the rise of eSports. 

 This annual one-day seminar is the perfect platform for business executives, ICT experts, visionary leaders, start-ups and entrepreneurs to gather, share views, obtain first-hand market intelligence and keep themselves abreast of the latest developments on the Internet. Sign up now and get the first-hand market insights!

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) is the premier international IT forum bringing together over 2,500 visionaries, captains of industry, government leaders and academics from more than 80 countries. The upcoming 21st WCIT will be held in Taipei at 10-13 Sep. For more details and list of keynote speakers, please visit their homepage

WTIA members can now enjoy the special offer for purchasing the 3-Days Full Pass at half price, which will be USD 600 (originally USD 1200)! If you are interested, please send us an email to

WTIA in the media

Chairman's Column on Capital Weekly

What WTIA events you might have missed...

Secret Social (Special Edition) – How to Build a Winning App (20 July)

Public Awareness Seminar on WiFi Security 2017 (29 July)

Co-organized with HelloReporter and supported by The Wave, "Secret Social (Special Edition) – How to Build a Winning App" gathered together winners from ICT Awards & Asia Smart App Awards, Judges and assessors today, they shared the main ingredients for app development, their personal experiences, stories and insights on the app industry! We hope everyone enjoyed the lunch and gain actionable insight on the topic! (More photos can be viewed here)

Public Awareness Seminar on WiFi Security 2017, the core event of SafeWiFi Campaign, was held in 30 July with presentation of results of the Hong Kong WiFi Security Survey. Results show that HK WiFi Security Index 2016 is satisfactory and that WiFi in HK is set with high security standards. Details of the report can be downloaded at soon. Stay tuned!

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