HKWTIA Monthly e-Newsletter 2016    June/July Issue  

Upcoming Events!

Meeting for discussing the proposed implementation of Section 33 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordiance

Section 33 of the Personal data (Privacy) Ordinance prohibits transfer of personal data to places outside Hong Kong unless specific condition is met. To assess the likely impact of the proposed implementation of Section 33 and ensure the commencement of the provision will not stifle legitimate business operations, HKSAR Government is inviting WTIA to meet the Consultant and discuss issues relevant to the proposed implementation of the Section.

Acting as the platform, aggregator and community in wireless and mobile industry, WTIA would like to invite our members to join the meeting and voice out  your opinion on the Section. The meeting is tentatively scheduled to be held on mid July. For members who are interested to join, please contact Ms. Wendy Alison Yung by email. For more information about section 33, please view the Guidance Note of the Section via here

Special Feature

Congratulation to the winner of Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2016!

Industry elites and experts from smartphone apps industries across Asia gathered together at Cyberport in Hong Kong on Thursday 16 June for the Asia Smartphone Apps Summit cum Award Presentation Ceremony. SURE Universal, the free universal remote control app developed by Tekoia Limited, won The Grand Award this year. Congratulations to Tekoia and all the winners!

For the full list of winners, please visit the website of Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2016.

New look of WTIA website!

WTIA website has just revamped! Now, you can view the latest update of our events, articles that are written by our members, and also history and video of us in our website! 

Moreover, if you would like to join us as a member, things will become easier now - because all the application and payment process can be done online! Check out our website now.

Upcoming Happenings!

莫乃光議員辦事處【七月 i-Tea 茶聚】 (5 July)

BSI Cloud Security and Green Data Centre Conference 2016 (7 July)

Social 2016 - Social Media Big Data Listening & Application (8 July)

Organized by Office of the Hon Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT), the Tea Gathering invited Mr. Lo Ting Fai, the General Manager of ViuTV to be the Guest Speaker. Click here for more details and registration (Chinese only).

Organized by The British Standards Institution, the conference going to discuss the latest cyber security and data greening issues, explore the solutions to the above challenges and the latest market information of cloud security and green data centre applications. Click here for details and enrolment.

Organized by the Institute of Certified Marketers, the seminar hope to bring participants the knowledge how can make better use of social network platforms by understanding the tools that help to manage the big data and grow business, develop new opportunities and understand the market more realistically. Click here for more details.

The 7th Cloud Tech Forum (13 July)

International Conference on Industry 4.0 cum Smart Seminars (26-28 July)

Organized by Questex Asia, the event seeks to help participants make sense of this new cloud reality: offering expert insights on how to put together a cohesive strategy, best practices around management, practical advice around oft-cited challenges from integration to security and much more. For details, please visit this website.

Originated from Germany, "Industry 4.0", advocats a new smart business ad manufacturing paraigm transformation which brings an impact to the global economy. Hong Kong Productivity Council is organizing an International Conference on "Indutry 4.0" cum three Smart Seminars on this global initiative. Click here for more details.

What WTIA events you might have missed...

Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World Expo Hong Kong  (18-19 May)

Asia Smartphone Apps Contestants’ Round up and Monetization Forum cum Hong Kong Mobile Apps Industry Survey 2016 Press Conference (25 May)

Asia Smartphone Apps Summit cum Award Presentation Ceremony (16 June)

WTIA joined the Expo to promote our latest event, and also the new membership package. Moreover, Dr. Francis Ng, vice chairman of WTIA, did a sharing in the Expo on how cloud technology could utilised to cultivate customer experience. 

Asia Smartphone Apps Contest's “The State of Mobile and App Monetization” and Sharing by Contestants event brought together a full-house audience! In addition to a presentation of the survey results of this year, local participants of the contest were also invited to share their experience. We hope that the Forum could help you to learn more about the latest landscape of the mobile app industry in Hong Kong!

The key event of Asia Smartphone Apps Contest  announced the award winners this year, and experts in the smartphone apps industry from around Asia convened at Cyberport to share their insights on the latest trend of industry. Thank you again for your support to the Contest! 

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