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Sanctuary of Joy- a sacred space to (re)discover who you really are
Sanctuary of Joy- a sacred space to (re)discover who you really are

Sanctuary of Joy Newsletter November 2017

Thank you so much for being with us!

October has been, all in all, a productive month: among other things we collected lots of chestnuts (from the abandoned fields around us), we pruned dead branches from our hazel trees, we tested out our stoves and heating systems/options during the first colder days (so we know we can face winter) and we started building a new composting toilet close to the Yurt area so whoever will stay sleeping in the Yurt will have a safe option to go potty during the night (without having to walk nearly 500 meters uphill in the forest to reach our 'main' toilet, and without running the risk of having close encounters with wildlife). We have also had our parking slot and the entrance ramp to our field re-built (they were both held by old, not cemented walls: one of them had already collapsed and the other one was about to follow) so if you come and visit us there is now a safe place to park your car.

If you have missed any of our posts for October on the blog (or on Facebook), check out the full archive page

In this edition of the newsletter we feature the monthly Tarot reading and additional information about our offerings.

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With much love,

Daniele and Jyothi

Call to Earth

In September's newsletter we asked for help with a few different things that need to happen at the Sanctuary. The responses were amazing!

We have now filled those slots but we always have something to do so if you are interested in spending some time with us during winter and spring (even just a week or two) in exchange for some help with the work in the field, please check the ‘stay with us’ page and contact us for more information and to arrange your stay!

You’ll have a chance to live in contact with nature, exchange experiences and explore beautiful nature and old Etruscan ruins, (for example those we wrote about in some earlier posts).

Monthly card reading for November 2017

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!

Let us know if these readings resonate with you!

We'd like to hear your stories! Come tell us those on our Facebook page, on the Blog, via the Contact form on our site or replying to this email!

You can also run your own online reading for free on the website - check out our 'Free Gifts' section.

For fully personalized readings performed by Jyothi and Daniele, instead, visit the bookings page.

This month's photo was shot in our kitchen, in a basket full of chestnuts collected in the woods nearby. Chestnuts feature in and taste wonderful in many recipes of this area of Italy - both in baking cakes or in the preparation of salty meals and soups - and in the old times they were a rich nutritional supplement, here on the mountains, when the grain crops from the valleys were scarce. Did you also know that chestnut flour is just as nutritious as regular wheat flour, but it's gluten free

This month we used the 'Herbal Tarot' by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin: a very nice Tarot deck which associates a specific herb or plant to each one of the different cards's energies.

November 2017 card reading
November 2017 card reading

For the beginning of the month we pulled the 'Nine of Wands': this card speaks of Autumn which has arrived with its colder temperature and you might feel the need to retreat and hide from the world, to raise your defenses. But you are stronger than you think! It is quite likely that you actually have accomplished something pretty darn awesome - but you are finding it hard to accept your achievements, your skills and your strength, and you might feel scared your temporary success is not going to last. You might find yourself 'fired up' and jumping into arguments for unimportant details - watch for the full moon in (sometimes stubborn) Taurus of the 4th. Understand that this is a time of recovery and that you are still healing from the hurts of the past! Give yourself time - and credit for all you have accomplished! Don't be your worst enemy! Recognize that change is stability and that much more can be achieved as you start seeing the Universe in terms of continuous refinements and revere its ability to adapt. Find space and times for yourself to get grounded. Face oppositions with peace and understanding.The Herbal Tarot associates this card's energy with Bayberry bark: a herb which is fortifying and astringent. 

For the central part of the month we pulled the 'Six of Swords': the days are getting colder, a good logical continuation of the previous card which invites you to enjoy your earned success by to stay humble and stay modest; to serve others as a way of enlightenment [also see our old post 'Chop Wood, Carry Water' ]. The card speaks of a journey - a real travel or maybe a journey into your consciousness, supported by spiritual practices and meditations. By means of this journey you shall take a step back for a new perspective and find your center again; re-forge the bonds between different levels of reality and between parts of yourself, rewire your beliefs and allow new views and ideas, fresh approaches. You'll learn to see the unity between all things; you'll have renewed chances and energy for communicating and mingling with people. The Herbal Tarot associates this card's energy with Vervain (Verbena officinalis), which was used since ancient times as it is essential oil is said to open your third eye and reveal unseen possibilities (Beware: it's classified as a poisonous plant in the United States). Spending time with like minded people will provide you clarity and you'll see people as independent parts of a whole larger, universal intelligence, fueled by Love. The New Moon of the 18th can be seen as the gate which will set in motion the energy of the next card, the last part of the month. 

The card we drew for the last part of the month is the 'Ten of Swords': winter is really getting close. Earth is renewed by decomposition of organic material such as the fallen leaves: death turns into new life, it's the start of a new cycle. You might not want to face a new phase of life that is now beginning, but it's inevitable. Don't resist the process. Remember that even tough times can be great teachers and that they are always precursors to happier times that will come after them. Don't worry about the reasons: there is no absolute reason for anything. Just stay concrete, practical and pragmatic in your doing; don't become too rigid or fall into dogmatism and always let experience support reason.The Herbal Tarot associates this card's energy with Ephedra which is a stimulant that increases blood pressure: it was considered useful for congestions such as asthma and bronchitis - but otherwise it can be really dangerous if you suffer of hypertension or during pregnancy (it's banned in the United States). 

The Sanctuary of Joy

Sanctuary of Joy's new home in Italy
Sanctuary of Joy's new home in Italy

Modern life goes too fast? Your life doesn’t seem to make sense anymore?At the Sanctuary of Joy we help families and individuals to find their inner wisdom and energy and get their life in tune, in a simple and peaceful way. 

The Sanctuary of Joy is based in beautiful central Italy, on a quiet hill: a physical location where we host retreats, Reiki courses and other activities; a space where families can come on a healing vacation and work on themselves in peace and quiet, in the middle of nature. We think simple family and farm life with a spiritual touch is amazingly effective as family therapy. 

We also offer some services online. 

Work with us and find your purpose! Reconnect with your emotions! Live an abundant life!

Want to know more? Check our website

Our Services

At the Sanctuary of Joy we believe in a holistic approach to healing: healing the body by healing the mind, nurturing the heart and evolving the spirit. 

We offer and employ a variety of services and techniques, either in person or online, including (but not limited to): 

  • Life and relationship coaching 
  • Tarot and Oracle cards Readings 
  • Reiki Energy Healing 
  • Astrology 
  • Empowering portraits 
  • Music Healing

 ...and more to come... 

Most of our services are also offered online, via email or Skype.

We believe in spreading the light

Our pricing policy is generous.We believe in spreading the Light. To receive full benefit from a reading or a Reiki treatment there should be an exchange of energy, but we know that not everybody has the same resources, and we want to help. On our bookings page you'll find some discount codes that you can use for this purpose.

We are also open for suggestions is ways you can pay it forward by telling us what kind of service or donation you will offer to society. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Get your life in tune with Tarot

“Get your life in tune with Tarot” is the book we have written about using Tarot with our intuitive method for self-analysis and discovery.

Learn how to apply Tarot to your every day life, challenges and choices!

We offer you the options to buy the book and pay for it right away, or to download it for free now (we’ll ask your email) and come back later to donate how much you think it was worth the investment of your time.

Get your life in tune with Tarot
Get your life in tune with Tarot

Our book is not for initiates, occultists or psychologists - this is a simple and down to earth method for whoever wants to discover more about themselves by giving Tarot a try. We keep it extremely simple.

"Much more straightforward and clear than other books on this topic. I had tried some other books on Tarot in the past but I found them confusing and too complicated." - was the comment of one of our readers.

Download our book for FREE now and come back and donate later if you think it was worth your time!


Jyothi & Daniele