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Sanctuary of Joy- a sacred space to (re)discover who you really are
Sanctuary of Joy- a sacred space to (re)discover who you really are

Sanctuary of Joy Newsletter February 2017

Thank you so much for being with us!

February is going to be a month of walking our talk and making steady progress towards the beautiful new world that we have envisioned in the last period.We hope you set powerful intentions with the new moon of January 28th - did you read our post about it?

January has been a month of introspection, of facing our fears - many have been snowed in, there have been earthquakes and avalanches in Italy (not in the area we live in), demonstrations of women all over the world (and especially in the United States - a very good thing) and climate-changes warning orchestrated by the main stream media have been heard, too. The world keeps turning while some people are awakening and some are still asleep.We have had time to reflect, meditate and study, while tending the fire in the stove that keeps us warm in two rooms that we currently inhabit: as you might already know, we started living in Italy, where we bought a piece of land with a small country house that needs some restructuring [read more at]. For now we have only one part on the 'casale' that we live in as it can be kept warm and stays dry. We can also cook on that stove, and it's delicious.

Someone commented on one of our previous posts that she imagines our new home being like a fairy-tale and we can confirm that it is largely like that, especially when you consider that the house is small also in height and the doors are tiny, it does have a Snow-White-and-the-seven-dwarves vibe to it for sure.We do have technological comfort, anyhow: we have drinkable water, a solar panel gives us electricity for lights, a small fridge, for charging phones and laptops, and we have subscribed to a mobile internet plan. For our larger electrical loads (i.e. washing machine) we do have a generator that can be turned on only when need, but we plan to increase the amount of solar panels to supply enough green power as soon as possible, to further reduce our impact on the environment.

We have been living in this new place for less than a couple of months and, as you can imagine, we still have lots to do. Our stuff and belongings are, for their great part, not moved yet and waiting (in a storage space in the Netherlands) for the new house to be fully ready. Winter is not a time when you can get a lot of restructuring work done anyhow. Hence, on that front, progress was slow: in the cold you rather snuggle in bed, read books and write, right? That's what we have done. We also did quite a bit of writing and posting on our blog about some interesting topics and facts spanning culture, history and spirituality (check out the archive page for January if you have not read those) and Jyothi has passed two more exams of her naturopathy studies, plus of course we kept the house going, the wood chopped, everybody has been fed, the kids have studied, customers have been helped, etc.

Last but not least, just at the end of the month we sold the house in the Netherlands, so that we can fully let go of the past and dive into the next phase of our move with full focus.

As usual, this newsletter features the general Tarot reading for this first month of the year, and some other information.

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If you have missed any of our posts for January, you have still time to catch up and read them on our blog, starting from the January archive page.

Monthly card reading for February 2017

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!

Let us know if these readings resonate with you!

We'd like to hear your stories! Come tell us those on our Facebook page, on the Blog, via the Contact form on our site or replying to this email!

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This month we used the 'DruidCraft Tarot', by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, beautifully illustrated by Will Worthington and published by Connections Book Publishing.I like this Tarot deck very much, since it still retains a lot of the symbolism of the more traditional ‘Rider Waite’ Tarot while incorporating many Wiccan, Druidic and other ideas and concepts around Nature that really resonate with me. And yet I have just realized that this is actually the first time we use it for one of our monthly readings!

The picture is shot at sunrise and the cards are leaning on the roots/base of one of our Olive trees.

February 2017 card reading
February 2017 card reading

For the beginning of the month we pulled the 'Queen of Pentacles (Coins)'. This Queen is all about the magic of home and the earth: she invites you to trust yourself and life itself and to be in tune with the rhythms of Nature. She knows how to be compassionate but practical, pragmatic but kind, helpful and generous. Whether this is a person you will meet (or you already know) that can give you advise, or just an archetypal figure to refer to as inspiration, the key element to recognize is that her strength comes from being kind to others because she knows that everybody has a different struggle in life that we don't know anything about. Therefore, her royalty comes from managing to get everything done by gently flowing through life and without pushing boundaries or forcing anything to happen before its time. Her lesson is to focus on taking care of your body, your finances, your land or property and, as you take care of yourself and your own priorities with grace, you will be able to manifest what you want and be able to truly help others, too.

For the central part of the month we pulled a Major Arcana: 'The Lord' (called 'The Emperor' in traditional Tarot) is a God-like figure, reminding us of the archetypal father. While highly intelligent and carrying the power of a king, the Lord uses his authority in society knowing how to be balanced and to combine his intelligence with his feelings and emotions. He knows he could be strong even on his own, but he also knows that he does need his Lady ('The Empress', another major Arcana connected to this one) for life to really blossom and flourish in his land - he knows he couldn't do it alone. This is a reminder of embracing both our masculine and feminine qualities and keep our minds connected to our hearts. The Emperor is also so truly balanced into discerning what is right and needs to be done, so connected with higher, divine, intelligence to inspire him, that he's not afraid to be unpopular and to disappoint someone with his decisions and actions.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is the 'Prince of Wands' ('Knight of Wands' in traditional Tarot). This Knight could - in modern times - be a messenger, a civil rights layer, a journalist, or any other person that knows how to use his words effectively: he knows how to stimulate others to action and to carry powerful messages without being affected by them. He is full of drive and passion and he is always ready to jump into and help with new causes he considers worthy.The challenge for this knight is to pay more attention to details, to carry through with his initial excitement and to temper his fire: like him, while you might feel always ready to jump into new adventures in this period, you might be quick to judge and to speak (which sometimes tends to unwillingly hurt others) and you might need to learn to develop the constancy and patience to finish what you've started and follow it through its completion.

Sanctuary of Joy’s new home in Italy

Sanctuary of Joy's new home in Italy
Sanctuary of Joy's new home in Italy

At the Sanctuary of Joy we help families and individuals to find their inner wisdom and energy and get their life in tune, in a simple and peaceful way.We moved the Sanctuary of Joy to a physical location where we will host retreats, Reiki courses and other activities; a space where families will come on a healing vacation and work on themselves in peace and quiet, in the middle of nature.

We think simple family and farm life with a spiritual touch is amazingly effective as family therapy.We have just arrived here, and there is still work to do on the country house and property in beautiful central Italy that we bought as our base of operations (don’t worry: this is not close to the area where the recent earthquakes have happened!).

Want to know more? Check our website

Get your life in tune with Tarot

“Get your life in tune with Tarot” is the book we have written about using Tarot with our intuitive method for self-analysis and discovery.

Learn how to apply Tarot to your every day life, challenges and choices!

We offer you the options to buy the book and pay for it right away, or to download it for free now (we’ll ask your email) and come back later to donate how much you think it was worth the investment of your time.

Get your life in tune with Tarot
Get your life in tune with Tarot

Our book is not for initiates, occultists or psychologists - this is a simple and down to earth method for whoever wants to discover more about themselves by giving Tarot a try. We keep it extremely simple.

"Much more straightforward and clear than other books on this topic. I had tried some other books on Tarot in the past but I found them confusing and too complicated." - was the comment of one of our readers.

Download our book for FREE now and come back and donate later if you think it was worth your time!

Our Services

At the Sanctuary of Joy we believe in a holistic approach to healing: healing the body by healing the mind, nurturing the heart and evolving the spirit. 

We offer and employ a variety of services and techniques, either in person or online, including (but not limited to): 

  • Life and relationship coaching 
  • Tarot and Oracle cards Readings 
  • Reiki Energy Healing 
  • Astrology 
  • Empowering portraits 
  • Music Healing

 ...and more to come... 

Most of our services are also offered online, via email or Skype.

We believe in spreading the light

Our pricing policy is generous.We believe in spreading the Light. To receive full benefit from a reading or a Reiki treatment there should be an exchange of energy, but we know that not everybody has the same resources, and we want to help. On our bookings page you'll find some discount codes that you can use for this purpose.

We are also open for suggestions is ways you can pay it forward by telling us what kind of service or donation you will offer to society. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


Jyothi & Daniele