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Good Harbour Laboratories provide unbiased, independent test results to equipment manufacturers, end users and regulators. Our 23,000 sq ft pilot lab can be configured to accommodate almost any kind of equipment. We can provide flow rates from 1 gpm (0.1 L/s) up to 1,200 gpm (80 L/s), which is sufficient for testing many full scale industrial/commercial water treatment systems. Our closed drainage system will safely capture and treat or dispose of wastewater that is not generally safe for discharge allowing us to test for a wide range of contaminants.

Have us back up your technology performance claim and let’s generate credibility with prospective buyers and reduce their perceived risk!
CETV and Good Harbour Labs Members of the The Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (CETV) Program Verification Consortium

The technology that has met the requirements of the Canadian ETV Program General Verification Protocol has successfully completed a rigorous examination and has achieved a high standard.

The value of having a verified performance claim accrues to the vendor, the user and society as a whole.

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Good Harbour Laboratory services

  • Stormwater Treatment Device Testing
  • Grease Interceptor Performance Testing
  • Environmental Testing and Verification (CETV) Program (Consortium members)
  • Product Development Services
  • Plastics and Polymers testing analysis, assays, experiments and research studies

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