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About two and a half thousand years ago Heraclitus of Ephesos (c. 500 BC) decried “change is the only constant”, something we can all heartily agree applies to the world of FinTech today.

So, what’s that got to do with Afiniation I hear you ask? Well today’s newsletter is very much about change.

Firstly there’s a fascinating profile on SWIPE, the Afiniation innovator whose PDS Express is finally addressing the issue of converting Product Disclosure Statements into mobile optimised web content. Their war cry is, "Product Disclosure Statements – Time for Change”. Time for change indeed.

Then to an event where there was nothing but change and in this instance, change for the good - the Citi Mobile Challenge Asia Pacific 2015. Here some of the world's most innovative FinTech companies fought for international glory by taking part in the demo day which not only illustrated Sydney's importance and status as a global FinTech hub, but also presented innovative improvements for Citi and its global customers. Fascinating stuff.

So as Charles Darwin said, "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”We couldn’t agree more Charles.


Citing Afiniation as the catalyst for their move into Fintech, SWIPE’s PDS Express is finally addressing the issue of converting PDS documents into mobile optimised web content.“ Presenting at the Afiniation Showcase in September, and all of the interest we received there, really validated our decision to develop applications for financial services,” said Caroline Trotman, Director of Marketing and Co-Founder at SWIPE. Read more.

Citi Mobile Challenge

Afiniation is proud to be a partner of the Citi Mobile Challenge Asia Pacific 2015. Some of the world's most innovative FinTech companies fought for international glory as part of the demo day held at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney on 10 November. Read more.

Afiniation FinTech News

Financial Stress costing Australia $61.2 billion per annum

MapMyPlan launched the financial fitness index, as well as an in depth report into the financial fitness of working Australians. The report reveals financial stress is costing employers an annual average cost of $5,202 per employee. A whopping $61.2b per annum across Australia. Download a copy of the report at MapMyPlan.

The Automated Investment Adviser market continues to expand…

Automated Investment Adviser, QuietGrowth, has launched their solution to the market. QuietGrowth is the world’s first multi market automated investment service, operating in Australia and India.

Robo-advice has gone mainstream with the announcement that Macquarie Bank will launch their own robo-advice solution. In a move that will shake up the market, the Macquarie solution will not tie the client to a Macquarie account for product execution.

…whilst two Afiniation members make a play in the virtual advice space

Midwinter announced that they are partnering with SuiteBox to deploy a virtual advice solution for Midwinter’s AdviceOS client base.

Afiniation partner York Butter Factory teams up with Salesforce

Melbourne start-up co-working space York Butter Factory has formed a partnership with cloud computing giant Salesforce which, it says, could help accelerate the creation of billion-dollar Australian companies.

As part of the agreement, a team of Salesforce staff will be permanently based at York Butter Factory to collaborate with start-ups, and open up opportunities for them to work together. It's the latest in a string of corporate partnerships for the space, which connects start-ups with corporates to help foster and scale innovations. 

Sydney Startup Investment Forum

Join CapitalPitch on Nov 23rd from 5.45pm at their Sydney Startup Investment Forum to hear panellists from Intel Capital, BlueSky VC, Sydney Seed Fund, BlueChilli & Mobflic for another sellout event with over 300 investors and startups.

And as a partner of Afiniation, CapitalPitch is offering innovators a 3-week trial of the coached program, including 2 free coaching sessions. Click here to register for this free offer.

It’s always great to see Afiniation innovators going global

We spoke to Kendall Flutey, Banqer Co Founder, who is currently in San Francisco for this years Global Entrepreneurship Week. “It’s a very timely celebration of global entrepreneurship as Banqer looks to expand its horizons past New Zealand. On top of this I'm able to visit some of Banqer's very first US customers during my time here.” For more information read Kendall’s story on Kiwi Connect.

OneVue acquires Super Managers Australia (SMA)

Investment platform operator OneVue has expanded into the SMSF space with the purchase of 100% of Super Managers Australia for $5.2m. The deal covers 22,000 clients with a total of $1.1b of Funds under Administration.

FinTech Capital Raisings Announced from our Region


Online Advice Platform

Amount raised: $800,000 seed 

Location: Melbourne, Australia 

Source: FinTech Business  

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