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September 29, 2015

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How to Choose the Right Welding Glove

There are many different types of welding gloves to choose from, so it is important that you have a good process for selecting the right pair. You will save time and money when using the three P's: protection, performance, and price.

Protection - Think about what type of protection you'll need for the job. The higher the heat, the more insulation you'll need in your glove. However, it can be hard to hold a thick rod in small diameter with a thicker glove, so keep that in mind.

Performance - Think about what features will benefit you and make the gloves last as long as you want them to. The easiest way to figure out which glove is going to perform the best for you is to ask for an expert recommendation from a Dale Oxygen representative.

Price - Price shouldn't be the main deciding factor when choosing a glove. Find a pair that is comfortable and will last as long as you want it to, and then do some comparative shopping.

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Key Features of Various Types of Leather


Elk Skin
Most heat, flame, and abrasion resistant

Durable, heat and flame resistant

Most comfortable fit and dexterity

Most oil and weather resistant

Lightweight, oil and weather resistant

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NEW! Dale Oxygen Brochure

Have you seen our latest brochure? Inside you'll find out what we do at Dale Oxygen, how we first began over 75 years ago, and more information on the different brands and products we sell.

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Have You Met John?

John David Harris is one of our Cylinder Fill Plant Technicians and he has been an employee with Dale Oxygen for almost 4 years. John's main responsibility at Dale Oxygen is to ensure our cylinder gas inventory is adequately stocked for distribution. Other key responsibilities for John is repairing and fixing gas and liquid cylinders, managing regulatory and compliance paperwork, and also assisting our drivers with loading and unloading their trucks. John's role requires him to be in good physical shape to manage Dale Oxygen's large inventory of gas cylinders while also possessing great mathematical skills in order to calculate a wide variety of percentages for gas mixtures effectively. John's qualities make him a perfect fit for our Cylinder Fill Plant team. In his spare time, John enjoys riding his motorcycle.
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