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October 20, 2014

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Dale Oxygen - Altoona

Increased Distribution Capabilities!

   Due to increasing demand, expanding markets, and to serve our valued customers even more efficiently, the Dale Oxygen Altoona, PA branch is now a full scale distribution center for cylinders and hard goods!

   Our Altoona branch is fully stocked with the products you need! From gas cylinder inventory, a show room displaying the latest products, and warehousing/inventory capacities, we are here to service your business.

   For more information about delivery service to your organization, please contact our experts at the Altoona, PA branch!

Dale Oxygen Truck
New Dale Oxygen Truck
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NEW! Pro Series 5" Flat-Head

Angle Grinder


Contact a Dale Oxygen representative for more information!

"The world first power tool to grind and cut in 43 degree angles and narrow spaces faster and safer then well-known working methods. No other power tool on the market, not a fillet weld grinder, nor a long-neck grinder allows users to grind or cut welds in narrow angles like the new Flat-Head grinder does."

Safety Tips:

Personal Protective Equipment & Fume Extraction

Quality PPE is Crucial

The reasons for providing and using high quality personal protective equipment are vast. Check out the info-graphics on the right to learn more about proper use of PPE, and why it is so important.

Here are some additional benefits:
  • Creates a safe work environment
  • Drastically reduces workplace injuries
  • Reduces insurance risk
  • Employees who feel safer stay longer
  • Increases productivity and quality of work

5 Reasons for Effective Fume Extraction Systems

Source: "Getting the Fumes Out" by Nestor Gula of Canadian Metalworking

1. Health - Prolonged exposure to welding fumes can lead to metal fume fever, aka "zinc chills/shakes", and other health issues
2. Productivity - Less time is wasted cleaning the collected particles from the work area and welding lens
3. Talent - A safe and clean environment is more enticing, and may lead to better employees and an easier hiring process
4. Comfort - In some cases, a properly applied and maintained source fume extraction system can allow the welder to work without a respirator

5. Compliance - Providing your workers with the cleanest air possible is one of the easiest ways to consistently meet government work condition standards

To read the full article click here


If you have any questions about fume extraction or PPE safety, or would like a consultation from a Dale Oxygen representative, please contact us today by phone or by following this link.

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