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December 17, 2015

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Happy Holidays from Dale Oxygen!

Holiday Hours

Thursday, December 24th - 7:30am to Noon

Friday, December 25th - CLOSED
Saturday, December 26th - CLOSED

Thursday, December 31st - 7:30am to 2pm
Friday, January 1st - CLOSED
Saturday, January 2nd - CLOSED


Holiday sale ends December 24th, 2015.


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The Welder's Christmas
By GAWDA Connection

It was the night before Christmas and all through his place
The welder was half blinded from an arc in his face.

His stockings were hung, with holes in the toes
From hot steel splatter that went through his clothes.

His regulators were broken the week before
No cylinder support and they fell on the floor.

He was fresh out of rods and his cable was rotten
So he made up a list in case Santa had forgotten.

Dear Santa, it said, I know I'm much older
So deliver the cable with a lightweight holder.

I'll need some pewter and flux coated brass
And all kinds of rods for welding with gas.

And bring a cylinder truck with a big strong chain
So I won't let my cylinders fall over again.

I'll need top cleaners and few helmet lens
I loaned mine out to my welding friends.

A leather jacket and high top shoes
And I believe that's about all I think I could use.

Now I'll turn off the cylinders with all of my might
A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

- Courtesy of Louisiana Welding Supply Co.


How to Choose the Right Shielding Gas Mix

Shielding gases for GMAW are usually supplied in two or three gas mixtures made up of argon, carbon dioxide, and helium. In some instances, hydrogen or nitrogen is added to the mixture with one or two of the basic gases. In order to understand which gas mix is right for your application, you must understand each gas and its effects on welding.

Used on nonferrous base metals (aluminum, nickel, copper, and magnesium alloys) and reactive metals (zirconium and titanium). Provides great arc weldingstability, penetration, and bead profile on these base metals, so it isusually mixed with oxygen, helium, CO2, or hydrogen.


Usually used in its pure form for welding carbon steel because it's readily available and produces good, consistent welds at a low cost. Its use is restricted to the short-circuit and globular modes.


Chemical inert gas used for welding applications requiring high heat inputs. It may improve depth of fusion and travel speed, but it won't produce the stable arc argon does.

For more information, click the image above.


Have You Met Dan?

Daniel Thomas Gustkey is one of Dale Oxygen's veteran drivers and he has been an employee with the company for 5 years. Dan's primary responsibility at Dale Oxygen is ensuring deliveries are completed in a safe and timely fashion within the Johnstown area. Through previous delivery and driving experiences, Dan has been an ideal addition to our driving team. Outside of the office, he enjoys traveling and going to the beach. In this photo, Dan is loading Argon welding gas mixes for delivery to a local customer.
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