A Message from our Branch Co-Presidents

by Liz Fragola, AAUW NSAB co-president, ekf226@comcast.net

After a truly wonderful summer weather-wise, we welcome the cooler air of autumn and the beginning of a new year for the North Shore Area Branch. We concluded the 2014-15 year with our annual dinner at the Hawthorne Hotel. Our distinguished member, Christina Bain, gave an outstanding presentation on some of the current issues around human trafficking. We thank her for sharing her expertise and for keeping this critical world crisis prominent in our awareness.

We welcome two new members: Ariel Fitzhugh and Tia Roy and a rejoining member: Liz Davis. Ariel (note from her below) and Tia are both graduate students: Ariel at Fordham University, Lincoln Center and Tia at UConn. Liz has moved back to Danvers with her wife and young son and is a student at Salem State studying Occupational Therapy. They are three very busy young women, but we hope to see them at some of our events in the coming year.

Our Public Policy Committee has had a busy and productive year. Please read the article by Katie Donovan, now chair of that committee. The College Connection Committee worked hard on the NCCWSL applications. Please see Chairperson Tamara Gaydos' article to learn more. The STEM Committee co-chaired by Nelly Wadsworth and Pat Gorton will be exploring ways to collaborate with Salem State or North Shore Community College on programs for middle school girls to promote their interest in STEM careers.

Our Kick Off Program will be held on Sunday, October 4, from 1:30-3:30 at the Flint Public Library in Middleton. Details are found in article below. This meeting is open to the public, so please invite friends. Anyone joining that day will be able to take advantage of Shape the Future: half price on national membership!

You will see that this year is proving to be a very exciting one for AAUW, especially for AAUW-MA as we embark on a special collaboration with the City of Boston. Read Patricia's article for all the juicy details!

When you join AAUW, you join an international network committed to promoting equity for women and girls on many, many levels. From preserving Title IX, to securing wage equity, to preventing sexual harassment and ensuring access to education and health care, we act together to empower women to create a world in which we can all flourish. We hope you will find a way to work toward these goals through our branch, our state, and our national organization. Remember: AAUW has been empowering women since 1881 and we won't stop now!

Liz & Yvette

Once again we thank Nelly for her years of hard work as the newsletter editor.  We are thrilled to have Katie Donovan take on the task of producing our newsletter.



by Patrica Fae Ho, AAUW Board Chair boardchair@aauw.org

An exciting pilot partnership between national AAUW and the City of Boston will have major impact on thousands of women in the next years. With an upcoming launch by the Mayor's Office at the end of September, AAUW will debut one of its signature programs Work $mart -- salary negotiations workshops for women in greater Boston.

This first-ever partnership will be a collaboration among AAUW, the Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement, the Boston Women's Workforce Council and Boston Women's Commission among others. Kristina Desir is AAUW's onsite Program Manager for Work $mart Boston and will be working closely with all partners in this multi-year project.

Many of us have been aware, and perhaps even trained as facilitators in $tart $mart, the salary negotiations workshops for college women, conceived and implemented by former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Murphy and the Wage Project. Several years ago, national AAUW purchased all rights to $tart $mart and Work $mart, engaging Lt. Governor Murphy and several staff to assist with the transition. AAUW staff has expanded all aspects of the program and through Lt. Governor Murphy connected with the City of Boston.

For AAUW - MA members, this is a proud endeavor to support, with many opportunities to increase AAUW's outreach to different communities, to strengthen AAUW-MA's lobbying influence in legislative issues related to gender wage equity for women, and to promote the establishment of a Younger Women's Task Force chapter in Greater Boston.

$tart $mart and Wage $mart are just a few of the programs developed and disseminated by AAUW for branch and state outreach within communities across the country. These programs are funded by the AAUW Fund through unrestricted contributions that support the incubation and implementation of mission-based work. Work $mart Boston will be supported through active fundraising from philanthropic foundations, corporations and citizens; but has progressed this far becasue of unrestricted support by our members.  Other cities in the U.S. have expressed interest in AAUW Work $mart program.

This exciting update has been for our AAUW-MA members only. Please keep confidential until the Mayor's office announces the program. Watch for further information about this dynamic partnership following the project launch by the Mayor's office.



A discussion arose during our summer meeting about the AAUW Fund.  The AAUW Fund is unrestricted which means the donations to it can be used where it is needed at the time.  Here are just some of AAUW programs that exist because of the AAUW Fund.  AAUW National asks that we earmark future donations to the AAUW Fund to ensure these amazing programs get the best support they can.  Find out more on the AAUW National Web site.

College Connections Committee

by Tamara Gaydos, tamaragaydos@verizon.net

Since its inception in 2009, the North Shore Area branch of AAUW has been awarding scholarships to deserving women college students for AAUW’s National Conference of College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL). This conference features workshops that prepare students for life after college, the chance to meet role models, and access to graduate schools and employers. In the past few years members have been so generous that we have been able to award two scholarships per year. Our scholarships cover the registration fee (which includes room and most meals at the University of Maryland, College Park) and transportation, not to exceed $600. Our past attendees have been thrilled by their experiences and often come back to speak to us about their experience.

The College Connection Committee will advertise the scholarships, accept applications up until March 20, 2016, and then choose two awardees. The committee will also work with Northern Essex Community College to host a program there in the spring; possibly a panel of AAUW fellows presenting their work to students. This resulted from a meeting set up by Tia Roy, our NCCWSL scholarship recipient in 2014, who had an internship at NECC in career development, and was attended by Yvette andLiz, and Ashley Moore, Director of Career Development at NECC.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Tamara Gaydos at tamaragaydos@verizon.net

Mass Equal Pay Bill Keeps Moving

by Katie Donovan, katie@equalpaynegotiations.com

The bill filed in both the Senate and House in January of this year has made great strides in the past 8 months.  The coalition consisting of 39 advocacy groups including AAUW Massachusetts continues the work needed to get a bill passed into law.  In July, there was a rally prior to the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Hearing on the bill (and many other bills).  Testimony in favor started with Attorney General Maura Healey with approximately 25 legislatures standing in support.  This group was just a small portion of the 122 legislators who signed a letter of support presented to the committee during the hearing.  Our own branch members Senator Joan Lovely testified in favor and Katie Donovan testified as to how certain provisions of the bill address the gender pay gap. The large and varied support that day did its job as the bills were voted favorable  out of committee before summer recess.  They now are in the Senate Ways and Means chaired by Senator Karen Spilka, one of the bill's co-lead sponsors in the Senate.  

The NSAB Public Policy Committee has supported the bill well by attending the Equal Pay Day event in April, the rally and hearing in July, and  lobbying legislators.  The Committee will continue its work to help grow the coalition and work in coordination with the coalition to have Mass become the 8th state this year to pass Equal Pay legislation.  Yvette Villa-Barry will represent AAUW at the Latina Equal Pay Day Event hosted by the Caucus of Women Legislators at the State House on October 8th.  More details will be shared as they are finalized.

Contact Katie Donovan at Katie@EqualPayNegotiations.com if you would like to join the Public Policy Committee.


Greetings from Ariel Fitzhugh


My name is Ariel Fitzhugh. I graduated with honors from Salem State University with a BA in History. While in college, I volunteered for a local girls mentoring program and developed a character development curriculum called Girl-Grace.  I was

able to use the curriculum in several programs at

the Charlestown and Lynn Massachusetts Boys

and Girls Clubs. I am  currently pursuing my masters in non-profit management at Fordham University,

and hope to continue developing programming that educates and empowers young women

Branch Meeting Oct 4th, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Flint Public Library in Middleton

Gender Issues Around the Globe Group Discussion

Patricia Ho will lead the discussion by presenting some of her experiences on AAUW trips to Cuba,Poland, and Israel and on initiatives developed by AAUW and the United Nations.

Come prepared to share your own perspectives, experiences, and favorite novels on the issues. Two novels that address gender issues for women in Afghanistan are: Lipstick in Afghanistan by Roberta Gately and The Pearl that Broke its Shell by Nadia Hashimi. Both books will inform you on real life struggles of women seeking independence in the face of oppressive forces.

Questions for discussion are:  (a separate email will be sent so those who wish can print for the meeting)
In the countries you have traveled to or are familiar with, what is the educational level attained by the general population of women?  What educational opportunities are accessible to them? What obstacles do they face in attaining secondary or higher education?

* Do women have equitable access to employment, advancement and pay equity?  What obstacles do they face at home and in the workplace? What supports do they need?

* What are the general gender attitudes toward women? How prevalent are domestic violence and sexual assault?  How do laws address these?

* Do women have access to comprehensive, affordable health care? To contraceptives or abortion?

* How do prevalent culture or religion or political situation impact status of women in a particular country?

This meeting is open to the public, so please invite friends. Anyone joining that day will be able to take advantage of Shape the Future: half price on national membership!