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Here's our July resource round-up with articles that we have enjoyed and have made us think. As always, feel free to share with your fellow social impact geeks!


Way-Ting, Jenni, and the Blue Garnet team


"8 Silo-Smashing Trends in Philanthropy >>  Read here for Kris Putnam-Walkerly's take on current trends that are changing the philanthropic landscape. Let's move from siloed enterprises to inter-related forces for good!

Insights on the side effects of power >> Article in The Atlantic on new research showing the impact of power on our brains. Power suppresses our ability to empathize. The antidote? Find ways to check your hubris here.

Philanthropy should consider risk management? >> These SSIR authors believe that until risk management becomes common philanthropic practice, funders will miss the boat on maximizing impact. Here's how to get started with "Embracing Philanthropy's Risky Business."

Reassessing our funding strategy to maximize impact >> Bridgespan, in partnership with the Ford Foundation, reframes how funders and their grantees ought to think about building successful and resilient organizations. Lean about this concept neatly captured by the grantmaking pyramid in "Time to Reboot Grantmaking."