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Signs Your Child May Need Help

For many parents, the decision to have their child tutored is precipitated by a proactive teacher or a report card.

Poor grades or problems in the classroom are certainly obvious indicators that a child is struggling academically, but there are often more subtle signs that parents can detect.

In education, intervention at the first sign of trouble can prevent a deeper crisis. Below are some signs that you may see in your child. If so, Tutoring Club is here to help!

  • Lack of motivation: When a child seems unwilling to try, it is a clear sign that the assigned tasks are either too difficult, or that the requisite skills to accomplish them are lacking.
  • Homework frustrations: If parents have to constantly help a student complete his or her homework or the child experiences continual frustration, there's a problem.
  • Inappropriate classroom behavior: Children who "act up" in class or are constantly seeking help from other students may have deeper skill problems.
  • Weak math skills: The critical period for establishing this foundation is between first and eighth grade. If a child falls behind during this period, his or her ability to grasp high school algebra is very problematic.
  • Inability to read at grade level: The foundation for reading skills is laid from kindergarten to third grade. If that foundation is shaky, it can affect virtually every other learning skill that children need to acquire.

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