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Event Spotlight


LSIS Best Practice - Getting People Back Into Work.

27 March - Gloucestershire
As part of an LSIS project Gloucestershire and 7 other colleges are working on a best practice model to enable colleges and other providers to share ideas and work together to improve the programmes offered to support the unemployed.

This one day event will feature a seminar and workshop on best practice and integrating successful systems. Come and join in the discussion hear how other colleges are improving and tracking job outcomes. Help to shape the future best practice model.

Please note that this is an invitation only event and places are subject to limited availability. We have been allocated a guest list, to book a place please call us on 0203 327 1996 or email Diana R for more information.


In this issue we have some brand new info-graphics, news highlights, blogs and an exclusive invitation to a LSIS best practice event!

Info-graphic - The UK Labour Market

Info-graphic: The UK Labour Market

The latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics indicate that the level of unemployment within the UK has continued to fall.

The unemployment rate has decreased by 0.1% to 2.5 million, with 154,000 more people now in full or part-time employment. However this increase has yet to offset to fall post recession (2008).

Have a look a this info-graphic for more details.

Guide to FE Learning Technology

Learning technology is rapidly becoming integral to FE learning, changing the way we deliver learning both in the classroom and behind the scenes.

Big Data? Gamification? Open online courses? What is the future of learning technology and how will it affect the way we teach and measure performance?

"Nothing moves faster than technology. No other sector has seen as much rapid change and development in such a short space of time, and education technology is no exception..."

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Making the Skills System More Responsive to Employer Demand

In order to successfully deliver skills and employability training you need to be responding to employer demand. The government wants training to respond to the local area demands, but will they ensure that providers doing this receive the backing they need? Graham Hoyle, chief executive of the ALEP argues that unused monies must be transferred in year to those providers best positioned to meet priority demand.

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AoC Conferece Thumb

Info-graphic: Assessment of Unit Delivery Trials

During 2011 - 2012 about 80 providers took part in trials of unit based learning, the effectiveness of this has recently been evaluated in a new BIS (Department for Business for Innovation & Skills) report.

Unit based learning consists of 'bite sized' credit based courses. These credits can be transferred and accumulated towards a 'full' qualification within the Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF); allowing a more flexible way to learn. - What is the QCF? For more information about the QCF see our guide  Explaining the QCF for 2012/13

We have created this info-graphic  to summarise the key points and findings.

Does Vocational Learning Deliver Long Term Results?

A recent study commissioned by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills investigates the benefits of vocational learning to discover which courses provided increased employability and earnings both immediately after course completion and in the long term.

The results highlighted the strong positive impact of vocational learning, showing that the benefits long outlast the completion of the course with learners maximising on the full returns of training over the proceeding 7 years. Skills for life appear to be exactly that - for life…

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Matthew Hancock speaks to FE governors

Speaking at an event to thank college governors for their contribution to the FE sector. The Minister spoke about his priorities for the sector, and emphasised the importance of strong and effective governance in raising standards and enhancing the reputation and status of the sector as a whole.

"Strong and effective leadership is essential if Further Education is to take its proper place as an engine for growth in local areas; delivering high-quality teaching and learning which meets local needs. Much has already been delivered, but there is more to do. And rest assured, we will help you in whatever way we can to ensure you get the support and development that you need."

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