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E-news Update: Issue 5

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Labour Market Stats

Latest Labour Market Infographic; May 2013

This month’s labour market statistics issue by the ONS (Office for National Statistics estimate the UK workforce from January 2013 to March 2013.

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Labour Market 'Battleground' for Jobseekers

Despite predicted continued employment growth through 2013, numerous applicants for every low skilled job means that the labour market is still very competitive especially for those with less experience, skills or qualifications.

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In this Issue: Using careers advice to tackle skills gaps, 6 challenges to the skills and employability sector and our latest labour market infographic.

Educators & Employers Urged To 'Act Boldly & Decisively' To Tackle Skills Gaps

Employers, government, education and careers organisations have been urged to 'act boldly and decisively' to initiate a culture change in the careers sector. With a considerable mismatch between jobseekers and vacancies the National Careers Council (NCC) report on careers provision recommends steps to improve the link between education and employment.

Businesses are still struggling to fill vacancies despite high unemployment levels - 51% of organisations were not confident that they could fill highly skilled jobs. The skills available do not match the labour market and organisations have called on the government to boost workforce skills.

The skills sector is not just about helping someone get back into work, it is about equipping them with the skills they need for long-term employment outcomes and career progression.

The report pinpoints careers advice and guidance as one of the key areas to success if we want to fix this skills mismatch. Learners need to be heading in the right direction from day one, making better decisions as to best course match means less time is invested in unused skills, less 'churn' through education and improved employment pathways. What are learner’s aspirations in the context of the real jobs market, can their learning aims and can theses be matched to courses?

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Talent Matters; 6 Challenges to the UK Skills System

The Labour Party has made recommendations to improve the skills and employability in the UK.

The Skills Taskforce Interim Report highlights 6 problematic areas within the UK skills system.

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ILO Warns: Unemployment 'A Major Global Challenge 'For Years

Following the UN agency’s annual labour market report the International Labour Organisation (ILO) have expressed concern over the rising risks, as unemployment becomes “a major global challenge for years to come".

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The Role of LEPs & European Funds

The UK government has issued guidance and advice to Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEPs) on the role they will play in delivering European Structural and Investment Funds (including ESF).

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Making 24+ Advanced Learning Loans a Success

With mixed reviews over the introduction of the new adult learning loans, Niece comments on how providers can ensure they maximize take up of the 24+ Advanced Learning Loans.

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Cable: 'In A Rational World We'd Be Increasing Funding'

Business Secretary Vince Cable will argue against sector cuts and for increased investment.

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