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Skills & Employability Review: Issue 7

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Education & Employability Infogrpahics

Our 5 favourite infographics this month:

Back To School:

Millions of workers are returning to further their education. Who’s going back & will their investments pay off? View infographic >


What are the trends that are shaping our working lives? View infographic >

Your Future Is Calling:

How to determine your future when it comes to higher education. View infographic >

How Teachers Make A Difference:

How are teachers shaping the next generation of politicians & business leaders? View infographic >

Transforming Science Education:

Some reasons to get excited about STEM education. View infographic >

No One Knows What Job Skills We Will Need In The Future

Michael Gove commented on the Department for Education’s new curriculum guidelines.

“No one knows precisely what skills children will need in the future…but almost every career in every industry sector is being transformed by technology”
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In this issue: SFA funding for work placements, the education & training foundation launches & new infographics.

SFA To Pay Up To £900 Per Work Placement

The Skills funding agency has announced funding rates from £500 to £900 for work placements within the Governments new traineeship programme.

“Young people in Britain deserve the chance to work and get on in life which is why we're introducing traineeships to help them get on the first rung of the ladder,” said Skills Minister Matthew Hancock, “Employers value real experience which is why I am delighted that more than 100 businesses have come forward. I now want to urge more employers – no matter what size – to sign up to the programme and make the most of the talents of our young people.”

Colleges, training providers and subcontractors are eligible to claim funding for learners complying with existing funding eligibility rules where providers can show that there is reasonable chance of the young person being ready for employment, or an Apprenticeship within 6 months of starting their traineeships. Progression to a job or an apprenticeship will also result in a 20% achievement payment trigger.
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New Education & Training Foundation Launched

The FE sector has launched the Education and Training Foundation to promote professionalism and standards within the further education sector.

“We want every learner and every trainee to get maximum benefit from their experience and we want every practitioner to benefit from effective and impactful continuing professional development opportunities,” commented Sir Geoff Hall, foundation interim chief executive.
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Good News; Colleges Have "Turned The Corner" With Ofsted

Last November, colleges came in for heavy criticism in the watchdog’s annual report; no fewer than 13 were rated inadequate and – for the second consecutive year – not a single college was judged to be providing outstanding teaching and learning.

This year 6% of colleges were rated outstanding, compared with 2% the previous year, and the proportion of institutions rated inadequate dropped significantly.
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INFOGRAPHIC; UK Employment Increases By 336k

Our latest Labour Market Info-graphic gives a snapshot of the UK employed, unemployed and economic inactive population.
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25% of US Unis Are Putting Student Data At Risk

A Cybersecurity firm has found that this back-to-school season may be an ideal time for data thieves to steal the personal & financial info of students & parents.
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UKGov Launches Grants To Boost Maths & English Teaching

The government is introducing grants worth up to £20k to encourage more maths & English graduates to teach in FE colleges.
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